A Lonely Place

“Space,”  Mike started, looking out at the capsuleer hopefuls, “can be a very lonely place.  There are ways to handle this and you will have to choose what is a good way for you.  But In warn you in advance that trying to be the rugged individual who just wants to mine their ore and go home and don’t need others to talk to?  Yeah, that lifestyle is not as cool as you desperately try to make it sound.”

He touched a button and a simulated HUD came up.  “Comms are in ship systems and some folks tend to add a lot of extra beyond the ship systems.  Discord, Team Speak, and the like.  The big organisations in null have a lot of ability to reach their people through notifications, pings and such.  We tend to take all the ways we can talk to eacxh other for granted . . . until it breaks down”

The capsuleers looked about and one finally asked.  “Why would it break down?  And then what do you do?”

“Second question first.  If you have secondary comms, external ones like those I already mentioned the only thing you lose is the ability to see who is in system with you and find ‘easy ways to double your isk’ in Jita.  I strongly recommend you lot learn how to D-scan and how to do it well.  Information is power and a weapon that you need to wield.  It is not the end of the world but it does mean you have to be agile. but that brings me back to the point I was wandering towards.  Alone in New Eden is not a good way to play and work.  Talk to folks, if you have the comms use them and get to know the regulars where you are, if you have a home base.  If you find enough like minded folks?  Join them, if not  . . . start looking.  But watch your comms and build your network.”



First it was Nullsec Blackout but this morning hisec lost local and almost all comms for a while.  It will be interesting to see if that had a major effect on logins.

I went on and off more because I had just logged in to help in rookie chat.  since I could not?  logged off and decided to hit day 2 blog entry.

I do not have a corp, I find Discord almost overwhelming and noisy.  Though I should check back in and I may later this week.

I am not alone in new eden though.  after all, I have youse guys, right?

fly it like you won it



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4 Responses to A Lonely Place

  1. It was clearly opposite day, because local appears to be up and in its undelayed state in null sec even as I write this. And word is that wormhole space has local as well. Is this what Hilmar meant by “Chaos Era?”

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