Blogging? In this day and age?


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which came at a very opportune time.  I have been itching to get back to writing.  This spurs me on a shade so I seriously doubt I will manage to do all of the days on that calendar but damn if I am not gonna pick up the pace a bit.


Mike looked at the wreckage as he flashed past and hit the gate.  Scavengers were already moving to loot.  He knew that the last ship he lost would not be food or fuel for any jackals as he had lost it in abyssal space and likely everything went, completely and utterly.

“Might be nice iffen that happened now and again in hisec.”  he mused.

The idea had been floated before, over the years.  Mike referred to it as an FU module.  A last resort fitting for exasperated haulers that would deny ANY loot to those who might gank the ship. Utter destruction.  Oh it might mean a bit less cargo carried and not all haulers would use them (contrary to what the naysayers might opine) but oh the tears.

“Funny thing about tears.” He continued.  “They are fun for some until it is their turn to shed them.”

Old habits die hard and he was tempted to open comms to talk to the powers that be, forgetting that he was no longer on any council . . . no longer a person who could just call up thems as what might listen, might not.

Another gate and another and he was long gone as buzzards dissembled the corpse of a ship.



Y’all ready for this?  I may wind up with a plot for the month or I may just float good ideas bad ideas at you.

Are Blogs a thing of the past?  I don’t know and to a certain extent I am not sure I care.  I write because I want to, more than anything.

fly it like you won it.


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2 Responses to Blogging? In this day and age?

  1. Did you go sign up for the event? The participation requirement is to have a blog and make a post this month, and we’re not really hard core on either.

    Also, I like that you went with the “Blog Banter” tag. That takes me back.

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