Threadnaught of Darkness

His comm clicked repetitively.  Tic tic tic tic.

“What’s going on?” Free asked, looking over, curiously.

“Concord announced that the Drifter attacks in Null may compromise the local detection grid.”  Mike glanced over.  “Seems that a lot of folks have opinions about that.”

The clicking was now almost a steady hum.  “Do you?”

“If the lady is willin . . .yes, oh wait, you mean do I have an opinion on the Darkness.”  Mike grinned.  I have heard folks say for years that Nullsec should go dark or at least pay its own bills.  If they wants local they can set up their own damn networks.  I know Mittens feels the same way, infosec and control of communications?  He would LOVE to have that.  But he has to keep up appearances so he has, according to what I have heard, told his ‘people’ to chime in and write Concord.”

“How do you know what he wants?”

“I have always been one to try listening as well as talking.  Seems they compliment each other and learning is tough when yer yap is always drowning out incoming intel.  He and I cross channels now and again.”  The com was now a soft raaaaawr in the background and increasing in frequency.  “So the ways I reads it a whole buncha folks think this is the last straw and they ain’t gonna fly no more.  On the other side?  There are folks who say this is just the thing to draw them outa retirement..”

“Where do you fit on the spectrum?”

“I ain’t autistic, can’t draw a damn thing.  Oh, well I go to null in fleets to hunt.  I will depends upon the scouts to still manage to find us prey and I am not one to hop on either bandwagon until I see if they even roll.  So I am still a wait and see kind guy.”

The rawr was uptempo to a higher pitch now and Mike hit the mute as it droned on as a steady Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Wait and see

Oh if you have not seen the news . . .

The threadnaught is here

I am still trying to catch up with the end of it but it is running ahead of my currently.

Look, if you do quit?

which one person said was the most Canadain was to say ‘Can I haz yer stuff’ they have ever seen.

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Threadnaught of Darkness

  1. Easy Esky says:

    The Siphons, the ESS, Interceptors with Entosis, ¹self-repair of structures and now Drifters. Each of these has the common theme when they were first occurred. “We do not want to have to defend stuff, this game play is unwelcome.” Then gone into lobby-mode for nerfs, which CCP has eventually gone along with. Will history repeat itself?

    ¹ self-repair is a response to guerrilla warfare casing small harm. It is a nerf to small/mobile gang intrusion.

    • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

      There is zero doubt that the RMT cartels are furiously lobbying and/or extorting CCP to reverse this. But it would be the greatest thing to happen to the game since Wormholes.I quit over the fact that the cartels had won, and won’t be back. But in the long run, if CCP holds steady, this will increase subs. The RMT’ers are going to make it hurt for a financial quarter or two though.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Did you see that some folks are thinking that a wandering entosis fleet might have some fun come Friday? This IS a boon for the hunters. Let us see how it plays out, though.


    • Easy Esky says:

      What I really think is there should be a “#tech-one” movement in High Security. When I think about myself, most things I fly now are tech1. There are very few musts in tech2 that would be a pain point. Tech2 transports, drones and cloaking. Players should be asking themselves are they willing to be held to ransom? Or for just some compromises, can apply faction, meta or deadspace as a replacement for tech2. Faction ammunition is easily obtained from LP or trading. Thanks to moon mining, High Security space is now supplied with all required minerals for tech1 manufacturing. At the tech1 level HS is self-sufficient and independent from other space. And we are their biggest customer base.

      Ah, I know this for the pipe-dream it is. But is a pleasant one.

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