Why I Ain’t in Charge

“Sorry about the election, dude.”

Mike waved it off.  “I been hearing that a lot, of late.  I appreciate the thought and sentiment but it did not take me long to ‘get over it’.  And there is so much more to think about and do.”

Scotty looked at him for a beat and then shook his head.  “Nothing gets you down for long, does it?”

Mike shrugged and his face tightened a little as he glanced up at the control center for the station.  “Not much, no.  I have the right to choose me own emotions, most times and I prefers happy.  Given the choice, of course.”

“Of course.  So how did you do?  Aside from losing.”

“Not bad, I figure I woulda got a seat if they still had 14 reps elected.  As it was, no.  I do like that they publishes the numbers so ya can see how ya did.  I think the big story was that Steve barely got in by the skin of his teeth and 11 votes, bumping Sort Dragon offa the list.  Anyone who says their vote don’t count none?  Wrong.  A few of the usual suspects got on and some new blood that might make things interestin.  That is what the council needs, sometimes, interestin, not a chorus all in harmony.”

Scotty grinned.  Speaking of interestin . . . interesting, dammit you got me doing it now.  Have you been following the news of the nullsec battles with the Drifters.”

“Yup,  interestin time we live in.  The Goons drew back to defend their farms and fields and ended what should now be known as the Interrupted War.  Then when they found that the Drifters were finally hitting back a bit smarter than they used to be who do they blame?  Hisec people.”

“That makes no sense.”

“Oh, it does to them and that is what counts.  They do not want to fight the war head on so they are applying pressure elsewhere hoping that the end result will be the end of the Drifter menace.”

“Think it will work?”

“I surely hope that it does not.  If the Empires yield to this then they will have bent the knee and once they do that there will be no return.”

“What would you do if you were suddenly in charge?”

“Calmly explain to the null alliances why this was a bad idea.  If they refused to listen?  Headshots.  Remove those who support this from the council, if that did not work?  Shoot higher.”

Scotty looked aghast at Mike who was now not smiling at all.

“You mean?”

“I wonder how diffuse the command structure of Goons is.  Of PL and of Test.  If they lost those who held the reins of power would they manage to continue or perhaps reconsider their actions.  If someone decides to play dirty?  I dive head first into the mud and show them what dirty really means.”

“There would be consequences to that.”

“There damn well should be.  But if you poke big powerful things, well, you should not be surprised iffen they pokes back.  Nullsec has always crowed about their ability to adapt.  Let them do so or step aside.  Could you imagine if null LOST the blue donut?  I hear folks ask every day if there is any point in joining as a capsuleer when everything is already held and won.  The power vacuum created would put a lie to all of that.”  Mike realised that he was almost yelling and smiled, taking a deep breath and calming visibly.  “That, my friend, is why I ain’t in charge.”



Threaten my home . . .

A little music piece for you

If you act for the good of the game, no matter how misguided you might be?  I give you the benefit of the doubt.  But if you are actively trying to damage the game?


fly it like you won it


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5 Responses to Why I Ain’t in Charge

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Oh, the joy in that idea. Permabanning every exec in the goon organization. Wiping out every goon wallet overnight. Making every goon, pl, test, and russian structure NPC owned overnight, and then destroying 99% of them. The pure joy that would bring to so many, and in the long rung drive up Eve subs as the cartels are wiped out who finance the worst griefers in the game. Would love to see mittens rise from those ashes.

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  3. Easy Esky says:

    I wondered about that. Would CCP cave-in to what is merely blackmail or double-down. And it already occurred to me to start with booting their elected reps and installing others. Always thought there was more to the whole Sion thing, other than being a vested party to then TMC.

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