Money Talks (summery winter minutes part 2)

“So”, he said as he gathered things for the trip.  “The minutes I was reading are actually relevant to right now.”

“How?”  Free asked, she was already packed.

“There be different types of combat.  There is kills someone directly then there is just grow so strong they will not even think of fighting you.  They talked about the economics report for a specific month and war was all over it even if there were not as many explosions.  Now this was high comedy for folks who tend to read between the lines.  One councillor asked if bounty payouts were currently sustainable and was flat out told no.  Another asked which subcap ship was drawing all the isk only to be told it was Carriers and SuperCarriers that were doing the most damage to the economy.”  Mike laughed.

‘Why is this funny?”  Free asked.

“Because a LOT of the the council is representing Nullsec where this is happening.  They were hoping that their constituency would not be noticed so directly.  Turns out Abyssal Tier 5 runs are making nice isk as well.  Then they talked about other lesser isk policies and how we poor capsuleers are supposed to make a living.”  Mike grinned.  “Those of us who work for a living, that is.”

Free frowned but scooped up her bag as Mike paused then tossed another pair of shoes on top of his case and they headed out.  “Extra shoes?”

“Juss in case Tanta wants me to help.”  He replied.  “I prefer ones that are broke in.”

OOC- next convo was on ESI sign ins and such, not really IC material but of interest to some of you

“Then they talked about sponsored events.  Like when we went after the rogue drones and the slavers.”

“That should not be an event, just something that is all the time.”  She was heading toward the ship he had arrived in but hew steered her off to the side and a much larger ship.  MUCH larger.  “That?”

“Ayup.  She can be comfortable and don’t expect many folks think of this as a people mover.”

“That is because it isn’t.  For all that you call it a Bus . . . ” She stopped as Mike swung to face her square on, the smile gone.

“I move Tanta so she be safe.  Not so I can win a fight or even shoot back.  Her.  Safe.  The Bus is 3km long and very tough to take out before Concord takes an interest.  You will be ready to man a shuttle and recover an escape pod iffen it comes to that.  But movin thru hisec?  This be safest. I know you thinks in terms o safe is when they other is dead and that be so but when the other is most likely hirelings?  I had to choose between fast and sneaky or big and tough to kill.”  He gestured at the Bus.  “It may last long enough for help ta arrive.”

“What help?”  Free asked.

“Again, we is movin through hisec.  This is where I lives.  I won’t put out a call for a fleet but I may ask a few trusted friends to keep an ear open just in case I calls.”  Mike laughed.  “If I made an illegal call for help in Rookie Help Chat the results might be . . . interesting.”

Free frowned.  “How so?”

“Well that was another ting that was discussed.”  Mike lead the way up to an elevator puled up along side the Bus.  “Most new pilots are not taught how to fit ships.  They make the oh so common mistakes like dual tanking or mixing guns.  There was a lot of talk about better trainin for new pilots or at least some basic lessons on how to fit a ship.”  Mike sighed.  “We see a lot of that along side the trolls.  The players that that think themselves edgy to push the limits of civility.”

“That is a big accusation coming from a Gallente”

“Some words don’t need being said.  Some stands about people based upon the colour of their skin?  Where they be born?  Not welcome.  Not now, not here, not there.   You want to rile up a Gallente?  Push his or her limits on those boundaries.  Rookie help chat is very specific about such talk but the people in charge ain’t always about.  Damn I wish they would give me a hammer, even a small one because some nails just beg to get knocked into the wood.

They also chatted about giving the new pilots a bit more of a hint as to what they should be training and why.  Us helpers usually just point towards the Magic 14.  But that is us and Eve Uni, not the powers that be, doin the teachin.”  Mike sighed and gestured her into the body of the ship.  “Make yerself comfortable while I go get naked and plugged in.”

She rolled her eyes and boarded the Bus as Mike waved over a crane and rode it down the hanger to the pod bay.



What should be taught and how is a common refrain for the Eve NPE, they have changed it again and I am not sure that it is for the better.  IF I ever get on the CSM again I am going to do a pedagogical analysis of the NPE and hand the damn thing in.

There is still a bit more to write on the minutes and the wardec thread is still going hot and heavy in the forums.  I may have to write a side piece on that.

Y’all getting ready for eve vegas?  I am jealous.  But you kids have a great time.



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1 Response to Money Talks (summery winter minutes part 2)

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Do you really need to be on the CSM for a pedagogical analysis to be valid Mike?
    Looking at the current thread on Eve-O on the minutes, reminds one to Canto VII of Dante’s Inferno. No matter which side, you are all on hell.

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