Interlude between Minutes

If you are looking for more minutes, see the next post, this one needed to be done, it was yelling at me to be written

“Where the hell are we going, anyways”  Mike asked, walking beside Free.

“Wondered how long it would take you to ask.”  Free said.  “Back to pack and then you are flying us to fetch Tanta.  She has someplace she needs to be and thinks that You are the one to take her.”

“Tanta takes standard ships all the time . . . why would she . . . ”  Mike stopped.  “Someone wants her dead.”

Free nodded and continued walking for a moment before realising Mike was not beside her.  She looked back to see Mike standing very still, hands slightly out from the sides of his body, eyes focused in the distance.  Then he relaxed and caught up with her.  “Lead on.”

“That’s it?  No demands, no ranting?  Just lead on?”  Free asked incredulously. “Damn I just lost 200 isk.”

Mike laughed.  “You made a bet with Tanta?  I thought you smarter than that.”

“With Ruis.  I thought it was easy money.”  She looked down.  “I should know better, eh?”

“It was easy money, for Ruis.”  Mike grinned.  “Oh I am plenty mad but there ain’t nothin here to take my mad out on.  So I thought about what you had told me.”

“I haven’t told you anything, yet.”

“Tanta needs protection but it ain’t from one person.  Otherwise you would have handled it without me getting involved.  It ain’t from ground assault or locals because Tanta seldom runs and she has a friends around her, at home.  So this is big and vague . . . and new.  Now what is new that would make Tanta a target?”  Mike looked off into the distance for a moment and then snapped his fingers.  “Dance lessons.  Ensî Beatrice Batteuse?”

Now Free stopped to stare at him.  “How?”

Mike grinned “You know my method. It is founded on the observation of trifles.  I read the news and look for patterns all the time.  Trifles have layers, like an ogre.  When something makes Tanta break pattern you can usually make good guesses as to what, based on how she moves.  You told me everything I needed to know, assuming that I was paying attention.  Now lets go get packed.”


No lessons but the last piece to this puzzle was this odd post from CCP

that made me start thinking and you know that is always dangerous.

I will get back to minutes next post

fly it like you won it,


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