13 Minutes (part 1)

OOC Yes this is my take on some of the Minutes of the CSM summit.  Yes it is done in character.  

“You don’t get it.”  Mike explained.  “Even when I am not in it I follows it so I know what has happened and what I might do about it.”

Free snorted.  “You do not do things about politics.  You do things TO the politicians.”

“Spoken like a true assassin.  No, there are always things to be done, sometimes in the cracks between the politics and the pandering but there is always things to be done.  If you do not watch, are not part of it, then some of those things are done TO you.  So I follows the Minutes and I takes my notes and I talk to folks.  It is what I does.  So, like I was saying, they met up a while back and the slightly redacted summary of the meetings came out.  Some of it is the same old same old but other parts show that there be paople awake out there.”

“Sheeple never wake up”  Free growled.

“Ah but we is not all sheep, some of us just like wearin the wool.  The powers dat be asked what the Council thought was the most important to consider, this time out.

● Server Stability ● War Decs ● Devs playing EVE ● Bounty system

was the answer they got. But aside from their main ideas there was also talk o’ more languages, warning to the newbros about putting all yer eggs in one basket.  It is nice early on in those sessions to lay out some goals or destinations.  But then the thing is to see if you gets anywhere.”

“Did they?”

“Ah, patience, mon petit, patience.  First thing up after the intro and ground work was abyssal space.  They is still trying to get a hand on the metrics for it but there was talk about better recycling of bad plasmid results.  Nice to see them thinking ecological like.  But then came one o the big one, Wardecs.

In the EVE Leadership meeting the CSM was presented with numbers resulting from research into the state of war declarations in EVE and those numbers quite starkly showed how asymmetric the situation is, and how war declarations allow a small number of players to negatively affect a huge number of people, with low risk. These numbers may be discussed further by CCP at a later date.

“I know that kind of talk”  Free muttered.  “Top men are working on it.  Go away, we will call you when we decide what is goo for you, best for us.”

“I know, I have been da recipient of that sort o ting, myself.  But if the numbers push the wallet then maybe, juss maybe sometin will be done.  See that is always where the rubber meets the road.  Lose pilots who give it all up just to keep a few happy?  Sooner or later sometin gotta give.”

“You.”  Free pointed at Mike’  “Are an incurable optimist.”


CCP Fozzie says that at this point they are
waiting for a more detailed request from the senior management to see what the business goal is in this case

That is someone waiting for the brass to realise that gold is slipping away.  So the thing is, finer . . . what would fixing it be?  There was talk of cost but I don’t think that will work, too many have too much as it is.  Then they talked about structures and having ‘skin in the game’ for attackers.  They also talked about the  friends aka logi alts where people allied but not in the war always seem to pop up at the most convenient time.”

CCP Masterplan brings up that currently players who assist in a war fight without being party to the war, currently get suspect flagged, and whether changing that to a criminal timer would be something to consider

Free looked over at Mike and asked.  “What do you think?”

Mike sighed.  “It needs fixin.  If it is broken you try fixes and if they don’t work you try something else but the one thing you do not do is agree it is broken then stand there doin nothing.  I may have to make this part and parcel of my platform if I ever run again but not right now.  What I will tell you is this topic got a LOT of folks talking and arguing in channels  and that is never a bad thing.”



yes I still pay attention

yes I still care

I am, as usual, breaking my commentary up into chunks so I can get stuff out while I chew on the next bit.

Comments so far?

fly it like you won it





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2 Responses to 13 Minutes (part 1)

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Exciting times. So war-dec is under the microscope? It is one thing that it is being looked at, it will be something else if there is an effective change.

    Outright removal leaving me with a nagging feeling for this old bear. Particularly some of the voices now against war. Let me paraphrase Red Cloud: the Goons made many promises and never kept any but one; they promised to ruin your game and they did.

    So, not missing this Mike? “Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,” Don’t blame you.

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