Where have you been?

Mike looked about the hanger and saw that nobody was willing to meet his eyes.  She stood in front of him waiting for an answer,  “Um well there is the Bus . . . ”

“The Bus does not keep you from docking, now and again,  never for this long.”  Free looked very angry.  “People worry about you.”


“When”  She asked through gritted teeth, “was the last time you spoke to Tanta?  If she does not hear from you she starts putting out feelers.  I swear that woman has contacts that make governments nervous.”

Mike chuckled, in spite of himself.  “I’d brush it off a ‘la she is juss a dancin teacher’ but you would not believe me would you?”

“I would throw you, very hard and very painfully if you did not know how to land properly.”  She paused.  “You do, don’t you?”  Her eyes narrowed. “She raised you, taught you . . . ”

Mike diverted the conversation with a joke.  “I am a podder, we never worry about landings, just call to the station and let them pull us in.  I been doin some side flying.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“There be times when I do the Bus or official rounds,  then there are the times I fly juss for me.  I took some time to do some side flyin as I felt a rut beginning to develop in my paths.”

“And where did the side flying take you?”

“Oh, here and there.  I raided some Amarr slave pens for a while.”

“Yes, we caught word of those flights.”  She looked down and to the side and said softly “thank you”

“Den there was the Concord testing day . . . Lordy dat one was so fun.”

“Is that when Concord somehow caught and dragged to Yulai AI infected ships?”

“It was glorious.  Not much more needs to be said about it.  I happened to be close enough to be at the right place, right time.  We made some BIG ships blow up and  . . . well I had some fun.  Even Earned a couple of kill marks on the ship I was in . . . ”

She looked over his shoulder at the Stratios behind him and frowned.

“Oh, not that one, I was in a Gila.”  He chuckled.   “I have been flying the Strat chasing a few rogue drones.”

“And failing to talk to the people who matter.  YOU are coming with me.”

“I am?” Mike squeaked (just a little)

“Tanta sent me.  I am sure you know the hazards of refusing a deadly woman.  And ticking me off also is considered a show of bad judgement.”  She spun and headed out of the hanger deck.

Mike looked around and saw Ev and Scotty laughing in the distance and shrugged at them, following Free.



Is it just me or are events getting better?  The GM week was a howl and yes I was there



As for the current Rogue Event?  I still enjoy the simple beauty of the game and remember to ctrl f9 now and again, watching the eaten out wreck of a Domi, infested with drones . . . kind of cool.

If you are playing in the next little while?  Pause, take a break, fly a bit for yourself and remember why you still play.

fly it like you won it


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