Whats in the box?

Scotty squinted at the asymmetrical ship and chuckled.  “Ev!  Break out a bottle, He’s back.”

“There always be a bottle handy, mon.”  Ev called back and they waited for Mike to exit his Pod and come down for a visit.

“Let me guess,”  Scotty drawled.  “You went and did some Federation Grand Prix.”

Mike grinned and tapped his comms.  “I HAD to, No self respecting Gallente would passup at least making a showing.”

“Fun?”  Ev asked.

Mike frowned.  “No, not really.  I have had more fun stepping into abyssal space.  I mean the runs were fine, Go Go Dancer there,”  He waved at the Atron in the hanger.  Is quick enough that I can make the runs fairly quickly and smoothly but I am not prone to the ‘death express’ so I fly all the ways back, each time.”

“Death express?”  Ev asked.

“Podders purposely die so the revive in a med clone next to the starting line.”  Mike explained.    “Not my way o doin tings so I flies instead.  Either way, I won me a box.”  He tapped the comm again and read it.  “A few skins, some trading cards, a booster, and some fireworks.  Well those will be handy.”

“For what?”  Scotty asked only to find both Mike and Ev laughing.

“I am Gallente, there is never a day I cannot find something to celebrate.”  Mike raised his glass.  “Today I celebrate being with friends.”

Ev and Scotty toasted him back and they spoke of other things.



You can fly fast and run a few of these but I am told you get more isk/hr hauling.

I do appreciate the variety of things to do, of late andf I am absolutely loving the action when I want it of abyssal space.  May do a post on that one, soonish along with a small comment on the election results.

fly it like you won it.


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1 Response to Whats in the box?

  1. Afterburne says:

    The Grand Prix was a great event for newer players and I enjoyed it for three reasons:
    1. It did not require much in the way of SP or game knowledge to get through.
    2. It was a great way to learn more about Eve and learn how to fly safer in space.
    3. It was an easy, guaranteed, and pretty much risk free way for the newbie-ish type to earn a large amount of ISK by selling all of the items. Pay me to learn? I’m in.

    – Afterburne

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