Lucky 13

“So, the election.  As I said I been busy but never to busy to pontificate and say who gets my votes.”  Mike carefully sipped a glass of rum and laid his hands on the table.  “First things first, those who have a shoe-in election, leaders and chosen of the null alliances?  Yeah they don’t need or want my vote.  So they are not getting it.  Those who appear to have put their name down and done bugger all after that?  Also eliminated.”

He eyed the bottle shook his head.  “Let’s start with the people I know and have dealt with often enough that they get my vote . . . anytime they need it.  Steve Ronuken, Otto Bismarck, Jin’taan, Commander Aze.  Then we have folks that come highly recommended by people whom I trust.  This includes Bei ArtJay, Sullen Decimus (and his campaign vid cracked me up), and Suitonia.”  Mike counted on his fingers.  “Damn that is seven already, isn’t it?”

Mike frowned and glanced at his notes.  “My short list is a hell of a lot longer than 3 more names.  After this it comes down to me wanting to see certain representation or people I have seen actively campaigning and communicating.  After all THAT is what this is all about, in the ned.  The ability to communicate.  Chainsaw PlanktonI know from a lot of time on the forums.”

Ev and Scotty muttered ‘eight’.

“Yeah yeah.”  Mike grimaced and nodded,  “Winter duFallen has a decent cv and I am interested to see how that one will play out.”


“I CAN count without the use of a spreadsheet ya yobbos.  Last one to mention is Lorelei Ierendi if only to support hisec.  But the runners up are all worth looking at as well,
Cwittofur Cesaille, Saint Michaels Soul, Silver Suspiria, and Eurzadahn are among them.  If somoene thought they were better suited to represent THEIR part of this universe then they would be a good choice.”

“Using that logic then Goons would vote for Goons.”  Eve said.

“And you would be right on that.  but I am not a goon, some I have met were very nice folks and easy to work with, like Mynnna.  But they get their votes with or without the average unaligned voter so I want to say who I would like to see get in as well.  Thus my list.  But this bottle is empty and lonely, what say we empty another to keep the first company?”



Look, vote, whether for people I recommend or others.  The STV means that almost all of you will be sure that your vote actually counted, the order of the list matters (Steve is at the top of mine)

I am looking forward to seeing the results and maybe even running, once more, next year.

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to Lucky 13

  1. Reading this made me happier than back by CSMX when Gevlon nearly got me elected…
    Even if I am an "if only" candidate. 🙂

  2. Easy Esky says:

    Now the results are out how do you feel?

    And I would add this; on Steve Ronuken’s watch – the “High-Sec Industrialist” candidate, the Mineral Price Index continues to decline. It is mining and refining which the first steps for the industrialist and we’re almost back at pre-2011 when it Missions outstripped mining income. Maybe there is something NDA that’s happened to stem this tide. But at face value – High Sec is not being represented, and in particular Industry.It is ground under the boot-heel of null-sec Capital Mining application. Oh well, I am off to the Sisters of Eve and ISK per Hour positives.

    • I honestly never thought of Steve as a “High Sec Industrialist!” candidate… but even if he were… I think you need to reassess what anyone on the CSM can do about stuff like that.
      High sec is certainly continuing to get shafted, that is for sure.
      Well… ok… not getting shafted, but not enough high sec accounts care enough to try and do something about the CSM.

      • Easy Esky says:

        Just have a look at the tags of Steve’s candidacy post on Eve O. Hi-Sec, Industrial & PvE

        Currently Jump Freighters enjoy a 90% reduction in Jump Fatigue. This was stated to be a interim measure when it was first introduced. It is not the first time has industrial ships receive concessions. Mining boosts continued to operate within a POS force-field when all others were blocked. This was before the rorqual revamp.

        The MER clearly proves that null-sec has measure of independence from requiring high-sec industry. (Moon mining gives high-sec a modest measure of high-sec from other security space).Then review the February CSM Summit. One of the key “desires” of the attendees is the continued relax of the Jump Fatigue (if not its removal all together). If and when there is further changes to Jump Fatigue – then as combat “gains”, industry can “lose”. It is a matter feedback into the relevant conversation.

        The only chance this comes into the reality is that vested parties see this as weaponisation. (It would not be the first time).

      • says:

        What ?

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