Rummy nose

Mike slid down from the Firefist and staggered towards the hanger exit.  The Gila shimmered behind him as the bots started a scrub-down, standard with the possibility of contamination from abyssal space still a concern it was standard procedure for ships coming back.

He almost missed Scotty and Ev waving him over from the side bay.  A bottle between them and a few glasses showed he might not have to walk all the way up to one of the bars on the concourse.  “We’ve been waiting for ya.”  Scotty passed across a glass of amber rum.  “After all, we cannot vote without consulting the Oracle himself.”

Mike sprayed rum out his nose.  “Hels, is that  . . . I lost track of . . . dammit.  I have been out in Abyssal space and was trying to be a combination of prepared AND willing to be surprised.  I forgot all about what day it is.”  He wiped at his face and grimaced.  “Waste of good rum.”  Squinting at Scotty he growled.  “You knew, didn’t you?”

“Yuppers.  Worth every drop.  Secret of good comedy and all that.”  Scotty grinned widely.  So, how is the Abyss?”

Mike looked over their heads for a moment before answering.  “New.  I mean I have been around the block a few times but having rules change, the performance of the ship alter, that is normally wormhole stuff.  Not something I can activate and have to myself.  The views are . . . well space is empty and I am used to a whole lot o nuthin.  Then I find myself looking out at . . . ”  He keyed up his comm and an image floated above them.


“Views like that are new . . . as are the denizens of that new space who seen to want a piece of anyone who drops in for a visit.  I arrived in time to see a mass of little buggers eating a Drifter battleship for breakfast in one stop.”

He looked at the images and shook his head.  “I was cautious, in my own way, and took a decently fitted Gila.  I’ll need to reload a bit and sell some of the filaments I scooped up before I head back out again.”

Ev whistled through his teeth.  “All dem cruisers be goin up up up in price, mon.  Gilas may be da worst o dem.”

Mike grinned.  “I know. I am not one to bling fit but the damn thing ran me a cool half bill.  I suppose my preference to Dessies has made me slower to buy/fly the bigger toys.”

“So you ran a couple of sites?”  Scotty asked.

“A shade over a half dozen.  Mainly ‘Calms’ and a pair of Agitateds.  I cannot remember their flavours.  The ship I was in did well and I learned a few things as I went along.”


“Like containers tend to throw shrapnel when they blow.  Like you don’t have to kill everything, just the right things.  Like you have SOME time to stop and admire the view but not a lot.  It is good old fashioned flying and paying attention is a bit important what with the time limit and all.”

“You had a good time?”

“I had a great time.  Some folks have asked if I might make an instructional about it and I think I might.  But you started this conversation to see what I thought of the election.  Pour me another and I shall do a short pontification.”

Scotty reached for the bottle as Mike leaned back and settled his thoughts.



Flying for fun again.  I LIKE these things.

I did a small adaptation of the Gila in the article here  damn good article.

I will be writing an election post in  a few hours but rl calls, right now.

It will be an abbreviated one . . . not my usual 3 parter.

fly it like you won it




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