Minutes minutia

Mike laughed until he saw the length of the minutes the sighed and got down to work.  “This gonna take a bit.”

Free looked over and asked . . . “how is that stuff on stations coming?”

“My Onc used to say, woman?  don’t be nagging me, I said I would do it and you don’t have to keep asking every six months.”  Mike grinned.  “I is amazed Tanta did not kill him outright.”

Free rolled her eyes but agreed.  Tanta was not one to talk back to . . .

“Let’s see how fast I kin bang this out.”  Mike pulled out his comms and started muttering to himself as he went through the minutes section by section.

Summit Welcome & Q1/Q2 Overview
The Agency
Player Experience Team & Team Security
Security, Banning & Customer Service
ESI, API & Other Techie Stuff

“Hmm, Usual meet and greet to open.  Seagull is taking some time for kids so it is . . he squinted, Hellbunnie.”  He chuckled.  “Like to see that yelled across a stage someday.”

Sort brings up Jump Fatigue not being in the roadmap, CCP Hellbunnie responds saying that we have it on our list and it is being considered , admitting that this is a bad system which has room for improvement.

‘That is an interesting statement but without a timeline it falls into the ‘soon’ category.  Room for improvement does not mean ripped out root and stem.  Bah, politicians.  Then on to ship balancing and some more tap dancing.”

CCP needs to address existing features to retain, and increase the player base rather than focusing on Jesus features which are then deployed and not touched on again. Sort wants to see more of the promised iteration
on features which are released.

“That right there sums up a lot of what goes on all through. But I’ll still go through the rest, I spose. Then they got on the The Agency.  That is somethin I guess ‘works’ but ti was one of those things I was not really thinking need fixin.”

Sort suggests a graduation program of some sorts which could be implemented into the Agency system. This is something the team has been considering . Such as actively pushing the new players into corporations. Claymore says that advertising for specific corporations would not be feasible.
However, the option to show filtered recruitment ads for corporations which have marked activities which interests
the player would be an option.

“That seems to indicate they think the corps are always a ‘good ting'”

Free looked over at him.  “Aren’t they?”

“All depends on whose good you is tending to.  Stats show that some corp and social involvement MAY contribute to a pilot stayin in the biz longer. But is it making a sandbox back into a follow the path set before you, only difference is that the path is set by another pilot and not by the powers dat be.  Then again, some folks do needs their lil hands held and shown a way to go and cannot handle being left to their own devices.  You, me?  We the odd ones out, Free.  The Agancy was a halfway house, for folks who need some path but not always the one others follow.  In the minutes some of the CSM asked to make it easier to walk off the path to get clear of ganks, or find the right agents and got the ‘we’ll sees’.

“What would you have said if you were there, this time?”

“Depends, I woulda spent some time talking to folks who use the Agancy and see iffen it was working for them.  As usual Steve was there and did ask for some of the things I think I might have brought up as well.  The one thing that bothered be was the line about

Claymore clarifies that this is a technical issue as the Agency map is not “The map”.

And I get it, from a technical point but it would be nice iffen the two talked to each other a bit more.  I mean the Agency is for a specific type of pilot, you want to represent?  you talk to them.  I think I would be following up with Dragon and Shreddy, asking if they would be willing to take some after the summit ideas to heart if I went out and collected dem.”

“IF you were still CSM.”

Mike grinned.  “I guess, though I would be willin to help if I thought they would listen.  Don’t have to be elected ta be helpful.”  Mike read quietly for a while.

“Not like you to be so hushed.  Interesting stuff?”

“Security, Usually all you get out of this is a recipe or two.  This time they are discussing where people lose and where the vulnerabilities are,  A good thing for anyone to read and I do not think it would be wise for me to risk trimming or misquoting.

<translation, read the darn thing, they talk about how hacks and major losses happen>

“Then they get into the technostuff that I would look to Steve and see if he was nodding or frowning.  The key phrase that gave me a LOT of hope was a small one right at the end of the first days notes . . .

The CSM asks about Thunderdome. CCP Falcon says that the plan is to get it up again for the next tournament. CCP Bartender would want to see this turn into a heavily automated service to alleviate the burden on people within CCP.

Somethin like that makes me all happy.  I am a easily pleased, I spose.”

Free wisely decided not to ask him to expand on that.



I still follow the CSM, still read the minutes.  You can as well, they are here

I plan on doing a post for each day unless a day is lighter than this first one was.

fly it like you won it








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