Our house


“So what can you tell me about citadels?”  She asked.

Mike smiled at Free and bit back his greeting, seeing that she was all business like.  “Precious little I am afraid.  Being with Scope does not allow for me to build such things.  They are all handled by higher ups.  Why?”

“I was thinking about you bit of trickery with letting me stay in ships, getting me off of the local grids and less findable by those who might wish me harm.  If it works for me could I set up something a bit larger for a railway.”

“Why do they call it that, anyways?  Never mind.  Now I may not know much but I always enjoy learning.  Want me to go ask some questions?”  Mike was already reaching for his comms.

“Can you do that without tipping folks off about the reason for the questions?”  She looked slightly worried.

“Hey, it is me we are talking about.  Folks worry if I am NOT asking questions.  Given the recent battle it is only natural I would be poking around again.”

“Which battle?”  She frowned.

Mike sighed.  He knew she was a capsuleer but not one who followed the same news sources most did.  “Goons and Panfam were lined up to risk a lot of loss if things went down badly.  Goons were trying to destroy a keepstar.”

She smiled with a wicked grin.  “Destruction is easy, if you have the will and the stomach for it.”

“Ah but that is the thing.  Many pilots showed up for the battle but the Goons were unwilling to risk losing what they brought and the crowd made the battle difficult to parse or even track.  They will spend weeks arguing ‘oo did what to whom but end result was not the big bang they hoped for.”

“I have gone through the battle reports that I could find and basically the goons lost a lot more than the defending forces did, even including all the third part folks that showed up.”

“Third party?”

“It was well known that this was going to happen so a lot of scavengers, looters, opportunists and tourists showed up in addition to the combatants.  Hell things might have gone smoother if both of the main sides had opened fire on any interlopers.  But that won’t happen.”

Free frowned, distracted from the topic they had started with.  “Why not?”

“Goons love to be hated, they thrive on the tribal structure of being on the in or the out.  Us against the world is a great way to keep your people loyal BUT it means the world might take it personally.  Most of the 3rd party folks WERE hoping to see massive destruction but especially that of the Goons.”  Mike shook his head.  Being the villain is good for cohesion but  . . . ”

“But it is not as good for longevity?”

“I was going to say it is a tough act to keep up.  You build expectations among your own people as well as of the rest of the universe.  I read a very poignant piece by a Goon about how he felt after the battle.

If we would have won, we would all be sharing highlights from Zkillboard and Youtube clips while prepping the Rorquals and smartbombers for some isk making. If we would have lost and gotten our entire Titan, Super, and Fax fleet taken out we would be making fun of each others shit fits and talking about how much isk was lost and how much fucking isk we’d make while building that shit back up and prepping the Rorquals and smartbombers.

It is the one thing a bully cannot stand to be, seen as being afraid.”  Mike sighed. “But you want some questions answered and I will get on that.  Don’t wander too far away.”

Free smiled.  “I was hoping I might impinge on your hospitality.”

Mike grinned back, “Well that qualifies as not too far away but don’t tell Tanta, she already be measuring you up.”

“She did say I was like family, last time I visited.”

“Oh you already ARE family, she just wants to make it official-like.”  Mike laughed at the expression on Frees face.



what was the rule of eve, never undock what you are not willing to lose?  Goons did.

I will be putting my questions together and bugging a few folks about citadels large and small.  If you have an opinion on them?  drop me a line in game or in comments.

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Our house

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Is this a wish list you want Mike?

    1. Anchor limits in high-sec. Only a certain count per AU, if you want to be the n-th citadel in that system, fight someone already there for the privilege.
    2. Micro to small citadel/anchorages. Maybe I want to move across New Eden setup a temp location. Or attempt a week in a wormhole? Something within reason for a solo player.

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