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I know that I have mentioned, once or twice that I spend a fair amount of time in Rookie Help Chat.  I was asked by a few folks where the links to my ‘lessons/lectures’ are.  Well?  to tell the truth there was no repository other than me madly typing (badly) into the in-game notepad.

So what this is is a collection of the notes but not the links.

first is my Bus annoiuncements

Operation Magic School Bus is in system

That means that for the next few minutes, I’m giving out free fitted ships to pilots less than 30 days old who speak up, here in local, and dock up at the only station in the system.

Or you can stay silent
and wonder if you missed out on free stuff. Your call, hero

Just a reminder, folks, keeping an eye on local is always a good habit to have (unless in Jita)

and my bounty lesson

1) People do not have a license to kill if you have a bounty., Open fire in hisec and Concord WILL take an interest.
2) You do NOT get the whole bounty, The bounty payout is roughly 20% of the value of all destroyed objects (ships, modules, cargo, implants), otherwise known as “Pend Insurance Estimate” on kill reports
3) Bounty is from other players so it may or may not mean something about the bountied character . . . good or bad. It means nothing about what Concord or the Empires think of them,

and the answer to ‘why can’t I loot this wreck’ that is commonly asked.

Is the container/wreck yellow? It’s because it belongs to someone else and if you did take it anyone (yes ANYONE) can shoot you for 15 mins. If you want to do that anyway you can turn your safety down by clicking the green dot by the hud

and the answer for ‘where did all the asteroids go and when will the come back?’

Mining Notice: At busy times the rookie system belts can and will be mined out. You can either go to other nearby systems OR take missions from career agents and watch for your own private asteroids inside some of the missions.

Belts respawn at 1100 Eve time

What I tell folks who ask why the Bus exists or what my scam is

I am not recruiting, I do not want you.
I am not scamming, what little you have is not worth my effort

Plenty of folks will try to scam you, Nobody will really double your isk. But I do hand out free fitted ships to new pilots.

Operation Magic School Bus is funded by older players who donate, wanting you to stay long enough in the game to be worth flying with or shooting at.

a clip of gate camp rules, raw

[22:16:50] Vol Jbolaz > Surviving Gate Camps.
[22:17:56] Vazara > Rule 1: Thou shall check the map for unusually high numbers of pilots in non station system/chokepoint systems. 25 pilots active in lxq? You might want to check to see if they’re friendly before you jumped in.
[22:18:16] Vazara > Rule 2: Thou shall fit a cloak. <br><br> Rule 3: Thou shall fit smartbombs in the rest of your high slots. <br><br> Rule 4: Thou shall fit an ECM Burst in a mid slot (you can only fit one due to an ECM Burst nerf so don’t bother fitting more).
[22:18:36] Vazara > Rule 5: Thou shall fit WCS in your lows. EXCEPTION: if you have a scout you can probably get away with 1 wcs and the rest nanos. <br><br> Rule 6: Thou shall be on the lookout for gatecamps starting at .4 space.

and my common how to make isk as a newbie.  Probably my most used lecture because how to make isk is a common question

OK, first off it is not easy for a new player to make enough to plex his account right out of the gate. The company wants to get paid. But there are ways to do it

Ask yourself. Is this a game or a second job? Do I want to spend time grinding in game so I can play for free and continue grinding?

Mining is steady, low attention and low return, but it is easy to get into and most folks start with it

Mission running. Like mining it is slow and steady and at least you look at something other than rocks. Once you get your standings up a fair amount of isk can be made in L3 and L4 missions. But alphas will be limited due to ship and fitting issues

Faction war makes lots of isk but has standing consequences you may not like.

Exploration is faster but always a bit of a gamble. People (new players) do manage to plex within 2 weeks. Others lose their ships and all the fittings. It is less of a sure thing but there is a higher payoff.

Trade. If you have the mind for it you can make boatloads of isk buying and selling. A lot of the extremely rich folks got that way in this gamer through trade. Thing is you need money to make money. For the knowledgable this is the way to go.

Bottom line? This is a game. If it become too much like work you are probably approaching it wrong and are far more likely to burnout or quit. Play, have fun, isk is not a goal just a tool to allow you more options.

Less used is the ‘off the beaten path’ lesson

1) open dotlan and then search for the system you are in example Conoban gives me this map http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Kor-Azor/Conoban#sec

2) look for dead ends, places off the path that go no where. Make sure they are not connectors to other regions (grey on map)

3) If the dead end has a station? even better or if it is a cluster of stars, a cul-de-sac Set the drop down filters on the top to show security so you know when you are wandering into null or lowsec.

4) copy the name of the destination, back in eve, alt e, search the name and drop down set to solar system. Rt click set destination and off you go

5) end of lesson and oh, please don’t autopilot. please

When I see a rookie with a really stupid name?

Choices: Your name may be cool and edgy now but there is no in game way to change it. If you expect to play long term, go to meetups, become a famous FC do you want to be called that to your face? Just askin

And another collection page I call the Welcome

Welcome to Rookie Help Chat. This channel exists for 30 days then you are shoved out of the nest. Helpers include Vets of the game, ISD’s and GM’s and the occasional Dev. Ask your question or watch and learn from others who ask

Learning how to play Eve is tough. We Know. The best places to learn: this chat, eve uni wiki, career agents, trial and a LOT of loss and error. google and youtube once you figure what to ask

Correct ammo is found by rt click weapon-info-used with. Loading? Have ammo in ships hold. rt click weapon while in space, load. If docked alt f and drag and drop ammo onto guns

Autopilot is a punishment for laziness AND a ‘Gank Me’ sign that you hang on yourself

Begging for isk in Rookie Help chat is like asking people at a homeless shelter for spare change, rude and stupid, please do not do it.

If someone is irritating you in chat rt click their name and select Block, handy tip, no?

Grrr Rant There is no BEST in Eve, stop asking. It is all situations and skills and so many factors that Best ship Best guns, Best way to make isk do not exist. Best is not a thing, ok?

That is the test part, there are pages and pages of links that I drag drop but they make more sense in game than out

I am hoping you all survived this year.  next year eve turns 15.  Wow.  And the Bus keeps on rollin

fly it like you won it and oh, since it tis the season.  1 week to leave a comment and be entered in a draw . . . 499 plex (I had 500 but I ate one)












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10 Responses to OOC: Help Text

  1. Nice post!
    And yeah, I am slowly getting used to people calling me “Lorelei” to my face!

  2. Donboy L says:

    Nice posting, and I will never forget the Incursus you gave me lol :D.
    Thanks a lot mike, hope you’ve got another good year.

  3. Noizy says:

    No best in EVE? I thought everyone knew the best ship in EVE is the Friendship.

  4. Easy Esky says:

    MIke, I thought for the newbie systems they had ore sites which perpetually spawned? And they contained small asteroids of 100 to 1000 units of veld?

  5. Easy Esky says:

    Esky is the name of my first dog.

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