Quick list

A lot of things buzzing through my head as we move into the holiday season and it has been a while since i posted. Let me just point form this puppy and see where I get

– Celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Operation Magic School Bus.
-It is time for me (and any others interested to get cards sent to ccp for the holidays. I mean real cards, dammit. Not emails/dms not snapbook or instachat or facetweet.
-Huge changes to alpha and omega and I am really liking some of the discussion of business models and eve futures in the brave new world. Other parts of the discussion scare the beejeebers out of me. I still do not know where I fall on the alpha mini injectors but my instincts tell me that I am probably against it.
-The election is coming as is the next summit and dammit I never finished my write up of the last one. (makes another note in the todo list)
-Holidays mean the Bus hands out extra stuff. I have been giving ships to the occasional regular helpers of Rookie help chat and a bit more generous in the stops at career systems Still debating if I WANT to start handing out the occasional BC and more common cruisers.
-Have the frigs changed? Do I have to rewrite fits (again) (I looked, no, for now)
-Are you lot interested in seeing how I do Bus fits, maybe class by class or race by race
-I do have to do some fiction soon.

This is the third year for this and I am pushing it again The concept is simple. I want you (yes, YOU) to send a Christmas card to CCP. Not a digital thing but an honest paper and stamp card. I push it early because we are talking international mail and its speeds.

Address of the main office in Iceland is

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Quick list

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Well, for the third year in a row, I am sending a card around the globe.

  2. Nunosh says:

    This year I also sent one to CCP

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