Mike was pouring through the minutes but nobody cared about that, anymore.  All the news was about the fall and flip that actually was supposed to have been engineered WHILE at the Summit.  He sighed.

“Did you hear the . . . ”

“If this is about CO2, Scotty, yeah I probably did hear at least three versions and I am unwilling to bet any of them are correct.  See, that is the key.  There is no truth, in something like this, for the main actors.  They justify or glorify or misremember how much they were involved and nobody likes to be spear carrier in the final act.  So each was a mastermind, each was a key element.  And, as a result.  There is no truth.  Not for them, anyways.”

Scotty squinted.  “Who does get the truth?”

“Line members.  They get the hard truth of what has happened to them.  They have to face what looks to be the dissolution of something they have fought for, built, laboured on for years.  They lost a lot of ‘sweat equity’ and I expect some will walk away at this point, hung up their pods and go home.  Others will try to find shelter under other flags but this truth is going to last a long time.  They probably don’t care about who or why or how, just what . . . what next.”  Mike voice was soft at the end.  “Well, at least those who weren’t preppers.”

“Preppers?”  Scotty looked curious, “This some ‘down-home’ word of yours?”

Mike nodded.  “Old one.  There are folks who are always sure the worst is about to happen so they prepare for it.  Most times they get laughed at for being so paranoid but then things do go down they are the only ones ready.  They have stashes and backups and are ready for almost anything.  As a result when something big DOES happen, they are the only ones ready or calm.”

“So what would a CO2 prepper do?”

“Well in the case of a null corp like CO2?  I would always have a failsafe stash somewhere in hisec.  Something you can carebear with, be it incursions, mining, missions, whatever.  A place you can still go an fly.  That way if someone gets control of the corp memvbership and boots you out?  You have a place to go.”

Scotty grinned.  “You have a cache or two yourself, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but with me it is more distribution of assets due to laziness, not preparedness. I just like having things handy so I buy and keep them spread about.  The second rule is don’t own too much, isk in your own wallet is safe, stuff in other peoples citadels is not.  But, that being said?  Isk in a wallet does nothing.  Just do NOT keep all your assets in the same unsafe place.  When flying in null you make sure you have some doctrine ships handy but not every damn ship you own, especially the blingy ones.  A real prepper could probably tell you the percentage of assets you can put at risk in dangerous territory, for me?  What you can lose and not cry about.  Which is how I used to treat any ship I had in null, anyways.  If you treat it as already lost then theft or flip of a station just settles the matter but is not a shock to your system.”

Mike paused.  ‘The last thing is the hardest, or always was, for me.  To live within your means and not pour all your hopes and dreams and assets into one thing, one endeavour.  If you do and lose it?  well you better to be ready to rebuild,  Kiplings If leaps to mind.  And when you are a nomadic organization?  Sinking roots is just plain silly, have the means to move if and when that becomes necessary.  Prepare, stay prepped and then you survive the storms.  Fail to do so?  Well then we are back it ‘If’.”



Yes I will finish the minutes but this was boiling through my head in the wake of Judgement Day (or whatever you want to call it)  If you do not know thew incident to which this refers?  Do some reading but remember what I said about truths.

I gave my daughter a summary of the events and she cried out, no, not the Goons, when I got to who benefited.  This from someone who never has played, just listened to her father.

Fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Preppers

  1. mararinn says:

    I am a very lazy prepper. Over there I have a mining fleet. Around the place I have missioning ships. When I moved on to a new activity I just left my stuff behind. About the only ships that I actually travel with are my incursion running ships. But I haven’t run incursions for some time. I fell behind the bleeding edge and nobody wants a mere deadspace fit scimitar in their fleets anymore.

    But I still have mining, which is worth nothing thanks to the Rorqual changes.

    I still have salvaging, which is worth nothing thanks to the nullsec NPC rebalance.

    I still have mission running and levelling my raven.

    I still have quitting the game and doing something else.

    • Easy Esky says:

      It’s been a while (2yrs) and I have long since lost pace with the meta. But I would thought dead-space fitted logistics would always get a place on a fleet.

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