But No Timelines Set

“Ey, you readin dat ting Mike be readin as well, mon?”  The fitting team looked up from the Loki that they were working on then went back to work.

Scotty grinned and looked down at his own comm.  “Yeah, figure if I read it then I won’t have him talking my ear off about it.”

“So wats it say, den?”

“I am up tot he bit about structures, you know . . . out with the old and in with the new.”

“So, when be dat comin about?”

“Don’t know.  They seem to have it planned but not timelined.  Speaking of time, though they did talk a lot about vulnerability timers.  From that they talked about taking down the old dead sticks.  Though one of them asked if it was really a problem.

Steve asked what it was that made the council believe there were lots of abandoned structures, to which various members of the CSM replied that it isn’t actually the case at the moment, but they can see it happening in the next six months based on their own plans if they were invaded to just drop citadels all across space.


They talked about something called an FC ship, but didn’t seem to go into details.”

“If it is shiny I expect we will see one, soon enough here in dock, eh?”  Ev laughed.

“Most likely.  Then they got onto a bit about upcoming events and circumstances.  There was a question about why things like the Blood Raiders are not being run as was expected.

CCP Larrikin asking the CSM on their thoughts on the Blood Raider Shipyards. Specifically, he asked why they were not being run. Aryth answered that they had been waiting for interest to die down so they could run them without drawing

Which sounds like a good plan, not everyone wants to know what you are up to.”

“Unless dat be your job, ta tell em, eh?”

“Which leads us to the next bit.  They are going to be breaking up the o7 show.  Rather than one bit episode they will go with smaller pieces.  Then they got on about that party Mike is getting ready for.  Vegas.  Room and capacities and such.  To me?  It sounds like Jita, with more lights.”

“A real den o’ iniquity, eh?  He will fit right in.”

“Aaand speaking of holes, they started in on wormhole space.  Seems some wormholers actually bait and kill drifters, using their citadels.”

“No, well aint dat just a cryin shame”  Ev made a mock sad face and then laughed.

Scotty smiled and nodded before adding.  Wormholes look like they are coming up on the horizon, not soon but just the same . . .

CCP Larrikin replied that there had previously been discussion on modules that only work in specific areas of space, so you could have new modules that only work in a certain wormhole with a particular effect. CCP Larrikin continued that wormholes are one of the areas of space that CCP are happy to add some
heavy complexity.  CCP Fozzie added that Tech 3 modules are inevitable at some point in the far future so they could work with this. Noobman described that refineries and the
moon mining mechanic would be a big boon to wormholes in that it would allow corporations in wormholes to then able to have corporation-level income activities.

They have come a long way from ‘nobody will ever live in there”

“Yeah, dem capsuleers always find a way ta beat the odds and make fools of anybody trying to predict what they will do next, eh?”




This is a light cover from page 21-30 and was fund to read.  Understand, again, that I am just doing a light pass over it in these commentaries.  The details, if you want them may be found by reading the original document.

Between the lines is hard to read but fun when you try.  You won’t always be right but try, just the same.

fly it like you won it



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1 Response to But No Timelines Set

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Noobman brought up that Marauders still suffer from weapons timers and it limits it’s uses.
    CCP Fozzie responded that the weapons timer is still needed due to high-sec station game
    potential. Innominate asked if it would be possible to make it so that bastion only gives a
    weapons timer in highsec, to which CCP replied it would increase complexity but might be
    technically possible.

    Today the Marauder – tomorrow? High-sec only conditions could be a precedent with a null-sec dominated CSM I would rather not see touched. It is bad enough that high-sec industry continues to be impoverished. When null-sec ratting bounty payout is off the charts, no amount of pork-barreling their industry will encourage a switch.

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