Mike was docked in the School In the Pasha system and trying to cut through a pastry that left a lot to be desired.  The run had been  . . . . quiet but gave him a lot to think about, just the same.  Since he had been asked to not advertise in certain protected spaces his response in the Career systems HAD diminished but he kept at it.

It was the conversations that he had engaged in that made his stop for a decent cup of coffee and a slice of cardboard masquerading as a strudel of some sort.  He pushed the pastry away and prayed it did not poison some poor fedo.  He returned to his message back to Tanta.

So, I am working my way through Amarr space and thinking that it be a lot more quiet of late, hereabouts.  I find the biggest crowds of starting pilots in the Gallente and Caldari systems.  I figure that folks go where they figure the living to be ‘easy’ not realizing that the path less taken may be easier to run along.  Lemming reflex, I call it.  Go thattaway because everyone else is.  Ah well.

One system had a lot of folks who didn’t seem to understand my comms but I still managed to hand off a ship or two and got a Спасибо in return.  They probably had no idea of what the hell was going on but a ship is a ship, eh?  Like I said, quiet run whgich gave me a biit of time to actually meet some folks and chat for a bit. 

For example I was doing a small resupply in Amarr proper.  Now I have spent the time modifying my comms to edit out spam and scam and a decent conversation with the local IS possible once you make those adjustment.  Met an artist called Tenla Amarr.


Had a good eye for images and photography and I enjoyed a small gallery of her work.  Few others were  chatting along as well and it was like walking into a pub and making some new friends.  Oh I teased a few, here and there . . . especially the CODE supporters but it was all good natured and nobody seemed to get hot under the collar. 

Then, while making the run I got a indicator that there was a class happening and I decided to hotdrop to see what was being taught.  Eve Uni does announce classes and anybody can log in.  This one was being run by Seamus Donohue and was already in full swing by the time I arrived.  he was calm and patient and answered questions very thoroughly and let me toss my 2 cents in as well.  (which I did)  Only strike I could say against him was that he did not Know what the Bus was. (but he did let me explain)

Of all the trade hubs ya know?  I like Amarr the best. Good prices, friendly folks, nice scenery.  Oh not to slag Dodixie but it is not the capital Amarr is.  Don’t tell Free I said that, though.  I might not live through her displeasure.  Now if only I could find a place that could cook a decent pastry.

My love to all, see you next pass in Gallente space


He closed the comm and shoved the pastry even further awah, finished his coffee (called covfefe for some odd reason) and headed back for the hanger.  Time for the second Amarr lap and then on to Caldari space



Dammit folks, read local, speak in local, encourage others to at least keep an eye on it

when in Amarr the Bus hands out Amarr ships (duh)

My current favourites are



2017. still am not happy with a cruiser fit for alphas in the Amarr line, working on an arbi but may backtrack and try an Omen instead.


fly it like you won it


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