Molok and Chemosh

“There be sometin speshul when da big stumble.  It be even mo’ fun iffen dey is tripped.  Ya know what I am sayin, mon?”  Ev was leaning back against a ship that had been mothballed and they all were laughing.  “Look at dees two glorious bastids. and”

One of the hanger crew squinted at the kills.  “So?  A couple of Testes got kicked by Goons.  What else is new?”

Another crewman looked a little closer and asked “What the heck is a Molok and a Cremosh?”

“Chemosh ya ill iterate.  They be Blood raider capital ships and those are the plans for them.  The reason you haven’t seen them is this is the first time capsuleers have gotten their hands on even the prints.”

“And they both were lost?”  The first hanger crewman asked plaintively.

Ev roared with laughter.  “They were.  The Impies managed to figure out the hole in the defenses of the Blood Raiders Shipyard and they exploited that hole.  Who woulda thought dat a small ship could be such a big threat to a large structure?”


Ev shrugged.  “Some people figure bigger is safe and smaller is weak.  Dey sometimes right, but not this time.  Impies, dey brought punishers so dey don’t has ta reload.  But hard to keep sometjin like this quiet and other folks showed up in other ships.”

“Like claws”  Someone added.

“Like claws.  Testes, dey waited and watched and swooped in as tings was blowin up and grabbed the goods.  Of course running into the centre of the target zone aint dat healthy.  First one made the grab and ran, blowed up and lost one blueprint.  His backup scooped the remaining and continued the run but he didn’t get much further.  But when he went?  so id the othe blueprint.  So we aint gonna see one o those ships for a while, yet.”

“So who won?”  A confused voice asked.

“Depends on who ya ask.  Testes managed a theft right under the noses of the Impies.”

“He means Goons.”  Someone stage whispered.

“But dey didn’t get away wit it and the Impiers did figure out the hole and exploit the hell out of it.  Personal like?  I think they all won.  Only real losers was the Blood Raiders and I wont even day my heart bleeds for dem because dey might like dat.”



Yes, you can have more than one winner.

Yes I wish I had been there.

Yes it is a great story.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Molok and Chemosh

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Why is it a great story? The goons will exploit this logic hole and CCP will do zero about it, given that the entire concept of the Blood Raiders site was a gift to the lead RMT cartel. CCP could have put it in any of number of NPC faction areas, but they chose the one dominated by the goons.

    Not a surprise at all.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Nainly because for all their cleverness and success in finding said hole? Someone else was also clever and, as a result, the dropped ‘treasures’ were lost.


    • Easy Esky says:

      tsk tsk tsk. Blood Raiders was in the planning long before the Goons retreated there. Look, if CCP was handing out gifts for the Goons, they would release a rig that would allow ships to fly backwards for those occasions of strategic withdrawal. Call it Reverse Engineering or something like that.

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