Catching you up OOC

  1.  I am not mad at CCP nor do I think they screwed me over.  They have set rules about the content of Rookie Help Chat and I am thankful for the two and a half years that they let me walk right on the line.
  2. I am still a strong believer in masking communities stronger and hope we can find and implement ways/channels/whatever to point the rookies in the right direction.  I am talking social circles, here, not sending them straight to some of the big Cops and alliances (much as I do appreciate what they do for the game)

so I was in rookie help chat and music came up, that lead to where players could access eve music offline (soundcloud)  From there some of the old radio stations came up (There was a miners radio for Eve?) and I mentioned and linked Eve radio.  Out of habit I opened the link myself to make sure it was still good and started listening.  The music was what I call rock and roll and they were talking about getting a fleet together.  I managed to finish the Gallente swing of the Bus run and hightail it up to Amarr in time to join a kitchen sink fleet.

Look, it is not my fault.  Gremlins happen.  DJ Accy dropped and couold not get back on after chatting with me for a few minuted but Wakkachu stepped up, got the fleet rolling and we headed out.  Now I want to say right off that this was a very new player friendly fleet.  He started out slow and paused on agtes even in hisec ot make sure everyone was understanding the flight/orders.  We swung into low and the fleet aligned and warped as one (I only got lost and 3j off of the fleet once.)  As we went deeper we started to see hints of targets, a Thrasher followed nad was followed by us, each hoping the othert would make a mistake. Neither of us did.  Then, in Sahtogas, we saw the hints of a small group forming up.  A loki came and checked us out then left, soon he brought back friends.    And we fought.  Losses were on both sides as we slowly burned through the Vigilant, Myrmidon, Sacrelige and Loki  while we lost a Gila, Vexor, and Magus (FC). The four pilots from Pasta were willing to stand and fight and so were we.

In the aftermath Wakkachu commented that this was a rarity in Eve.  A good solid fight that could have gone either way.  It was fun and I am sure I was not the only one who had a touch of the shakes and a grin on my face.  GF’s were exchanged in local and I accidentally linked the killmail there instead of in fleet (I apologize to Pasta, this was unintentional and not mean tempered in any way.)  We then took a moment and headed back to hisec and I left fleet, happy and a big grin on my face.

See?  Eve is like that.  I can choose to do things and if I decide to mine (which I did on the weekend) then Eve is boring/zen(depending on who you ask, I enjoyed the peace).  If I choose to go looking for fleets and pvp? Well that was there also.  But HOW the HELL do we show that to the rookies?

3) I am thinking of actually applying to be a speaker at EveVegas because you all need some rest after pubcrawls and I can talk a room to sleep anytime.  Problem is?  Can Linq soundsystems handle Canadian Gremlins>

fly it like you won it


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