Ups and Downs

The ship drifted, a local safe spot made long ago during a war was now just a nice place to ‘pull over’ and think.  It had been a mixed week.  He had flown in a fleet, been part of a pair of kills and, in turn, lost his own ship.  That had been the ‘up’ part of the week.  He had made the usual stops in career systems and helped a few pilots along their way.  Some answered, most didn’t but the routine was a comfortable one.  A quick call in rookie help to remind pilots to keep an eye on local and then call in local to see who would like  a free fitted ship and was relatively new.

Oh the accusations happened, now and again.  That he was a scammer or was somehow setting the pilots up for failure but for the most part it was same old same old.  Two years of doing the Bus Runs had built into a nice routine.  He could keep an eye on the news, on things coming and things that might come and still keep on the go.

But now?

The Powers the Be had politely but firmly informed Mike that he was not to ‘advertise’ the Bus in Rookie Help Chat, anymore.  He sighed.  It didn’t stop him from doing the rounds, just hamstrung one of the best ways to get in touch with new players.  He had agreed, hoped for better but agreed.  They had allowed him more than two years before they pulled that particular plug and he would find other ways to get the attention of the new pilots.

Maybe take a page from the Signal Cartel and start with fireworks?  He  smiled.  There was always something . . . it was time to experiment.  Close one door?  I will find a window or a chimney.  He set the destination for the next stop and left the safe spance, once more on the move.



Yup, still making runs and yes I do need to get the rookies attention.  I REALLY need to find someone with the skills and software to make me a billboard spot for in the station, after all they gotta remove the CSM camnpaign ads soon, why not get in on that?  The young are always attracted by bright movement.


fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Ups and Downs

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    I am a bit lost here, the Powers That Be it’s CCP? And they’ve forbidden you to advertise the Magic Bus at rookie help channel? As in “we like you but f*** you?”

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yes PTB is my in character name for CCP and no,m they were very polite and explained that I was crossing the ‘no advertising’ line. My defence was that I was not advertising as much as making a public announcement about opportunities for the Rookies but in the end they did not see it that way. CCP has never had an f-you attitude with me, just enforcing their rules.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Are you saying that CCP curtailed your activity in the rookie channel? That is insane, even by their standards.

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