Eight by eight

He has an collage projected up on the wall,  pictures of pilots, 8 across and 8 down.8x8.jpg“What’s that rogues gallery for?”  Scotty looked up at the display and tried to remember if he had met any of them before, a few looked familiar.

“CSM Election.  64 candidates passed the first hurdle of basic literacy and the ability to follow simple written instructions.  Now I have to narrow it down . . . a LOT.”  Mike answered, still staring at the board.

“We going to do the roll call again?  Naming each and saying yeah or nay?”

“Sixty freaking four times?  No.  I am going to do them in small bunches and do some group eliminations.  Then do a more detailed examination of the ones that remain.”

“Sounds efficient but how do you do group eliminations without being . . . well, too heavy handed?”  Scotty squinted at some of the photos SURE he knew the faces.

Mike looked down at one hand and smiled.  “Perhaps, but if we are gonna get through dis ting, we needs da ‘eavy ‘and.”  He fiddled with his comma little and faces on the grid began to dim.

Scotty nodded at some of them, ones he recognized.  “Null?”

“Those with a strong backing of the null alliances do not need your average hisec pubbie to foul the purity of their vote.  Either they have the support of those who fly with them or they don’t.  Iffen they don’t then there is likely a reason for that and I should not vote for them then, either.    Now this is not to say that there are not some damn fine folks in there, incumbents, for example and I hope that their own damn people will be stepping up to the plate for them.  But I won’t.”  Mike tapped the comm and more faces faded.

“If they is not willing to make an effort beyond a ‘vote for me’ post then they is not worth making the effort to vote FOR.:  I want people able to engage with CCP and with the players.  If they cannot show basic skills in that direction then . . . no.”

Scotty looked closer at the board and grinned.  “Not bad. But you still have almost 40 to go through.  Any other filters?”

“I could make up some rules and filter more but now I carve from the other side.  Those that I want to see get elected.  Or at least will be on my ballot.”

“What is the difference.?”

“Tactics of the election process itself.  the STV voting process is a bit complex but it does allow you to have a more direct second and third choice.  So these 4 are on my ballot for sure.

Steve Ronuken


Toxic Yaken

commander aze

“Old boy network in play?”  Scotty asked, skeptically.

“To a certain extent?  I suppose that is a fair question.  Steve is an old boy and someone I have worked with in the past.  He is a solid worker and the best representative for his area of expertise.  A known quantity and worth electing.  Roe I have worked with for quite a while and is very knowledgeable with market and industry.  I am sure some other candidates may say the same but I know Roe does walk the walk.  Commnade aze and I cross paths often enough in working with alphas and he is good in communication skills.  That is one of those enbulous qualities that the campaigns do not focus on well enough.  If you don’t speed gud den why wuld CCP lissen ta ya?”

“Yeah yeah, Toxic?”

“Two reasons.  One, he does espouse the same things I have been fighting for and with, and two, he is part of what I refer to as the hisec slate.  The three of them have joined together in hopes that at least one of them will get elected.  Roe, Toxic, and Aze.  I like the initiative rather than see them split votes and in the end none of them get elected.  And before you ask?  No, I do not have a preferred order and I personally do not think one is needed.  The STV SHOULD take care of that.”

Scotty looked back at the board, many dark and a few bright.  “Still have six more slots to face and sill about half of them are neutral.”

Mike wiped his face with his hand.  “I know, I know.  Now hear is where some of the darks get lit again.  The last CSM was good, damn good.  If they had drama they kept it quiet which is down right amazing.  So I have . .



The Judge

All are good communicators and represent players well.  A proven track record goes a long way with me.”

Scotty pretended to count on his finders. “Seven, three to go.”

“Now it comes down to personal gut feelings and or the recommendations of others.  It also sometimes is a section of the game I would like to see supported or covered.  Based on those? We have null sov, wh space, hisec, industry, technical covered above.  I am not advocating type of space but type of activity you DO in space as something I would want to see a broad representation covered.  Players who have ‘done it all’ are also good as they have the best chance of thinking through ‘If A then what happens to B’ lines of reasoning.  I told Dirk the same thing, the other day when we were interviewing three of the a fore mentioned candidates.”

“Not running but still deep in the process?”  Scotty asked softly.

“Hmm?   Look, I believe in the process of the CSM, in the way that the players are elected and what they do once they are elected.  Unlike some of the naysayers who call for its end?  I have been on the inside, arguably during one of the least functional times, to boot.  It wore me out but it did not burn me out, embitter me, or change what I thought of the process as a whole.  I don’t look at people based on where they are from but what they do (or do not do).  Based on that I have a shortlist of names that may make my ballot, depending on how much effort they put in over the next few days, interviews, engaging  in debate, that sort of thing. Among them are people like rhiload Feron-drake,  Ariel Rin, Juvenius Drakonius, Erika Mizune, DJ Thomas, Lorelei Ierendi and yes, even Xenuria.”

Scotty stared.  “Are you having some sort of attack?  Should I call a jump clone Medic?”

Mike grinned.  “I am curious if he can get elected again without (probably) the support of the Goons.  Look, there are podcasts to listen to and I may even have missed a name or two or missed that one or two of the above did not make the cut.  I honestly need to do MORE reading and more work but I am on it and have a good set of folks I like running and a few more slots to fill.”



Main thing?  I plan to vote.  I don’t care if none of the folks I choose get in, voting is still what I will do.  I don’t care if null manage to lock down all ten seats.  I will vote next year, too.

I don’t give up because there is opposition.  I don’t give up when I lose.

I am still here, still playing and still caring enough to write and speak and opinionate all to hell and back.

My thanks to podcasters and streamers and other writers who do have an opinion, do still care and whom I will be reading, listening toi etc just to try to form or reconsider my choices.

If you made it this far?  Tell me if you have someone you are supporting and be in the draw for a battleship.  No entry fee other than giving a damn opinion of your own.

fly it like you won it


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10 Responses to Eight by eight

  1. Mikkhi Kisht says:

    This’ll be my third CSM election I’m around to vote for, therefore securing legit rights to complain if the drama cranks up or if the favoritism goes from obvious to blatantly obvious. Ha! Two of those on my ticket? Kael Decadence and Erika Mizune. Why them? I tend to support dark horse candidates that aren’t part of ‘Establishments’. However, my support for them could be the kiss of death, since in the two elections before not a single one of my candidates made it to the big kids’ CSM table. At least I’m planning to vote, right? 😛

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I simply how you can say this latest CSM was good for Eve when they and CCP continued the impoverishment of high sec (checked low end min prices recently) for the benefit of the RMT leadership. It would be better to simply eliminate the whole charade of a CSM and save the money.

    Changes to Eve are decided on by the null sec cartel leaders and their lackeys/business partners within CCP, solely for the benefit of the RMT beneficiaries. They don’t need a CSM to do that.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am fairly sure the change in mineral prices can be laid at the doorstep of alpha clones and the influx of players trying to find a way to be omegas


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Ummm…no. CCP themselves said that the low end mins crash was due to Rorquals.

  3. Because the majority of high sec players (not just those that are alts) – statistically speaking – are probably not great users of the forums or the EVEmedia I find that every year has got harder to campaign. This year I have encountered (even compared to last year) a huge wall of negativity about the CSM. Thank heavens I have been able to link your posts, as an ex-Insider, to try giving people an insight into what it really is about.
    But CCP really does need to do something to up the visibility of the CSM for the people that do not even know it exists…

    • mikeazariah says:

      Lordy, I am being pointed to? No wonder three people read my blog the other day.

      Yeah, My mom had a cookie jar that ssaid ‘When I did ill I heard it ever. When I did well I heard it never’

      The CSM is more visible when it is a dumpster fire. Not the best advertising for the institution as a whole.


      • felix001blog says:

        This works in the pub game too buddy: pull a thousand pints well in a week…not a word. Try getting one wrong and you never hear the end of it! ha. (Luckily I no longer work in that game)

  4. Easy Esky says:

    Feels odd to be voting for pirate orientated players. Been meaning to respond to BB80, But I prefer to avoid politics generally and its difficult to feel positive about the whole process.

    Null-Sec has received significant buffs in industry capacity. From two ore/mineral composition revamps, gains to refining and bonuses to research. All of which I must assume is rubber-stamped by a null-sec dominated CSM. Which occurs under the panacea of “risk vs reward”. Should this trend be allowed to continue, high-sec industry will be impoverished.

    There was a time when mining missions had better remuneration that actually mining in the belts. But this just produces isk and LP. Hmm, Still have good standing with Deep Core. When I am not in the belt to be shot at, not hauling between markets some expensive cargo and not undocking at a trade-hub with a wealth to be plundered. Where is your content going to come from? I have my backup plan, what’s yours?

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