OOC Minutes (I finish them)

Or they finish me.  Jury is still out.

From here they hit Eve Metrics with a lot of graphs worth taking a look at.  Aryth asked for less information in the eve financial reports under the justification that it was free intel not achievable via other means.  Personally? I love data and am sad to see that portion of the report go but easy mode has never been the Eve way, has it?

They provided sales graphs of skins, how most folks cash in LP for implants.  There are graphs attacked to the minutes showing some of these if you want to see in more detail..  Me, I like graphs, data, that sort of thing even if I hardly ever use the information in game.

Then they went on to the third party app, you do know that there is an app for Eve, right?  The first thing Aryth asked for, here made me nervous and maybe I just am a shade too paranoid.  He wants a way to see if a user is using 2 factor authentication.  Would that not make choosing victims to hack easier?  Then the Council was asked if they wanted self destructing messages as an option in the mail system (council said yes). I wonder if they would show, somehow, on API or could a spai work openly and not get caught?

CCP Orca quickly went around to ask people what feature they would want to see added:
•Xenuria: See clothing items on character when looking at your character, even if only
text based -“My character was fit with the following”
•Gorski: Changing skill queue from the app, even being able to see the whole skill queue.
•Bobmon: Community portal/feed, access to fiction
•Steve: Info/Item Database, Show mailing list name in the mail
•Innominate: Better Corporation/Alliance broadcasting, either through notification or mail. Reply all issue is real!
•Judge: See all mailing lists/labels
 •Aryth: Seeing assets, with search and price appraisal
Me?  I’d like some archive feature for threads and such, collapsing structures but they did not ask me.
Aryth asked that 0% tax transactions be logged and that was approved by game design.  I guess there are other ways to see that so it is ok intel.  Look, I am going to be doing a candidate review soon but Steve questions and discussions and monitoring of this sort of thing ARE the reason why he is way way up on my ballot.  He could discuss endpoint of the api, and crest and just basically be our side of the tech connection. </stevecampaign mode>
Next came Community, something some might argue does not exist (Hi Sion).  There was some hush hush discussion followed by more open topics like ISD (certification is getting faster soon (they say)) and the communications with players through various websites will slowly come to be just a one stop shop. (That I heartily approve of)  Mr Hyde and Nashh both asked for more support and connectivity to the Alliance tournament and told that it would be forthcoming.
CCP Falcon added that going into the future, the tournament is also going to be
more heavily integrated into the marketing strategy.  There was then some discussion on how to improve the tournament, and how we can better promote both the tournament and those pilots participating.
Some more work with twitch streamers was also mentioned.
Then came wormhole session but when everyone saw there were others around the cloaked up and searched for the door out.  Noobman presented some of the results/issues from the WH Townhall he had held earlier.  Between the data and anecdotal evidence?  Ascension was good for wh space.  Again the new scanning mechanism was complimented and should be a boon for the WH dwellers so I AM looking forward to seeing this new marvel. Noobman continued to add details to things the WH folks would like to see to the point that Aryth commented that it sounded like WH wanted null without the relative danger.  Having lived in wh space, myself, I never thought I was safe, there.  But to each their own.
Then came the Project Discovery session where it was revealed that damn, we Eve players can grind with the best of them.  The discovery atlas was supposed to last for months and we knocked it off in three weeks.  Result?  Other sciences are looking to use us as an asset (including we have found, since, the search for exoplanets.)  Bottom line?  we done good.
Last session was CSM Organization.This had some solid changes, 14 members down to 10 but all are invited to all summits.  When asked if someone might not be invited CCP indicated that if that was the case?
they would most likely have reached the point where CCP could justify removing that member from the council.
They then discussed other logistics of the summits themselves.
I am not sure how many (if any) of you struggle through reading all of this stuff I write but this is the end of the winter summit.  There were good points and some lows and some things that made me go hmmm.
Next up on my writing docket is a pair of pieces about the CSM election.  Then I get to write stories again.  I am honestly looking forward to doing that.
fly it like you won it.
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1 Response to OOC Minutes (I finish them)

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Tell Aryth we can take away local from null and we’ll see how safe he feels. While smart, he can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes. He’ll not have my vote this cycle, as he did last year.

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