OOC Minutes the third


The New Eden Store

It hurts the mercantile side of me to see money left on the table.  I don’t think gouging is a good idea but to ignore a sale is just plain wrong.  The store is slow, iffy at the best of times and seems to ignore a lot of potential.

CCP opened the meeting by adding that they are aware that the store UI needs work, and
are planning to make improvements.

Good, now show us you mean it. CSM had good suggestions including more in game advertising, hats, guns, cat ears (Jin, you are weird) corp and alliance skins, citadel skins, Serenity skins (have you seen images from the Chinese server?) and other ideas.

CCP added that there are still discussions around how at the moment there is a very particular mood and style to EVE, and they are concerned about eroding it if they release things that do not match the aesthetic of the universe.
it ended with
Mr Hyde brought up how Alpha state players have a limited selection of monetization options, to which CCP replied that they are looking to heavily expand the available items for them.
So many good ideas in there and I encourage everyone to keep the pressure on if you think Eve is a visual game, at times.
Speaking of visual. The next item was the scanning and d-scan UI.  After a comedic start they got right into the fine details of something we should be seeing in the very near future on Sisi and soon after on Tranquility.  I have heard a few good things about it but I can easily predict the howl of outrage that ‘things changed’ and demands that there is a button to bring back the old way.  There always is.
After that came another top secret meeting that appears to be very long range plans.  A recipe from one of the aussie devs (I swear, I ever get elected again and I am bringin in recipes galore, I do loves me food)
Branding was next and this is something that enjoyed debating back when I was in the CSM.  I still think there is a tug of war going on within CCP as to what Eve IS.  Dark and distopian or is the palette supposed to be more open?  The Scope video guy was introduced (love his work) and then they got into the business of how Fanfest will look.  Then they looked at some more Scope videos for the new players and from there went into the billboards in space.  Soon they will be click linkable (want to know more?)


I truly wish I could find someone with the skills to make a Operation Magic School Bus ad that I could get onto stations and billboards.  Graphics and animation havenever been my thing.  But I digress.  Even some event sites would become clickable and we would be able to write our history, leave our marks.

CCP Orca then talked about the current state of the EVE Store. She explained that the current shipping prices are due to the low volume of purchases, and that at this stage CCP didn’t have any options to change it without an incre ase in volume through the store.

Catch 22, it won;t get cheap unless we buy and we won’t buy unless it gets cheap.  sigh

Then came the balance sessions with the usual suspects showing up.  Discussed were T3 cruiser, nullification effects, static bubbles, shuttles with interdiction nullification, and Alpha balance issues like the ability to fire T2 ammo.  Light missiles and rapid lights were brought up by Mr Hyde (hater of frigates). Heavy Interdictor Scrams , armor plates and Shield Extenders for battleships, Shield Capitals, shield slaves, Battle Rorquals.

CP Fozzie said they have some ideas and they did want to make a change, but also had a separate proposal for feedback: making it so that Rorquals could only PANIC when in proximity to an asteroid. The CSM was receptive to the idea.
Mr Hyde also brought up the issue of battleships having cargoholds that were a bit small,

some ships have lock ranges and scan resolutions that are out of line with the surrounding ships, Large Cap batteries . . .the list goes on and you may want to read that section to see if things you are interested in are also covered.  (my list is not conclusive)
Last session (for this post) was another whack at the NPE.  This time they started by talking about the career agents and how they plan on going from 5 to 3.  It then segued into a discussion on what should be taught by the game vs by other players.  Should the NPE have a pvp component? How much repetition is need to actually teach something?  How hard should a lesson be and how much loss should you hit them with so they learn . . .ships die, you don’t.  What does need to be taught.  This is something ongoing and if you have feedback make sure you communicate it to CCP and CSM.  Some interesting ideas were evaluations for the performance of the lessons so the player got some feedback.  (Man that will drive some OCD’s mad).
CCP replied that there had been considerations for making each empire just have a single starter system and school instead of three. The CSM was generally supportive of this idea.
This I am not sure of.  My teacher sense tells me big classrooms lead to other problems and it also would mean the loss of two of the three new npc corps.  Who goes, who stays?

feel free to read it for yourself if you do want more detail. I will finish this commentary in the next post.

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to OOC Minutes the third

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    So CCP says that the shipping costs are high because there is not enough volume and there is not enough volume because shipping costs are high so the store isn’t working well.

    And how did that fall out of the blue on CCP’s table? Couldn’t they have figured before? :/

    Also, some players already have better suggestions:


    I don’t know if the idea makes as much sense as it seems to me, but the game store linked there is the kind of awesome thing EVE deserves and shipping costs are very sensible.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Yup, a totally RMT cartel lobby group will certainly give CCP great feedback about the high sec lifestyle. Who is there who can fight the good fight against these idiots?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Just because I am out of the council doers it look like I have shut up? And I can assure you that I am not part of any cartel that runs things. Of course, that is a typical thing a cartel member might say.


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        If you are out of the council, how do you know what was said by who, other than the propaganda put out by RMT cartels for public consumption.

  3. Easy Esky says:

    Awareness of the PvP nature should be introduced as soon as possible. Having players pony PvE does not meet the intended design of a “cold & harsh universe”.

    Learning Chess

    1. teach the piece moves
    2. set the pieces up
    3. play through some of games (pvp at step 3!!)

    A one thousand year old game must be doing something right for retention.

    • The chessboard in EVE will more likely resemble your pawn against a board full of queens.

      In chess, as opposed to EVE:

      * you have one opponent;
      * you can see the entire board;
      * each side can act against every one of the opponents’ pieces–there are no out-of-corp logistics in chess;
      * you have time to think;
      * the rules are universally known and available, and the victory condition is unambiguous and identical on both sides;
      * there are no spies or saboteurs;
      * there are a handful of pieces rather than nearly 300, and the pieces are not individually configurable into tens of thousands of variations. There are no T2 or T3 or faction chess pieces.

      To acclimate to EVE, you must understand things in social terms, not in terms of any sort of matched sport on a defined field. You have just arrived in a large town in a strange country. You might know one or two people, or perhaps you are alone. What do you do?

      EVE PVP at step three is adorable, and I agree that breaking the myth that PVP players are (necessarily) mean or hateful or griefers is critical to the game’s success. I have encouraged and sometimes escorted new players into low security space to show them around, and most importantly, to show them that the scary evil pirates are just people like them, and that by taking the risk and being a good sport about their (piddly) loss, they can strike up conversations, get tips, make friends, and perhaps even become pirates themselves–exactly as you would introduce yourself to people in a new town in the hope of discovering new friends and new connections.

      EVE players are far less toxic than they are in other games, in my experience, but you have to demonstrate to new players that that is truly the case, because they may be fleeing World of Warcraft, or League of Legends. That, to me, is one of the major obstacles to overcome. The other, of course, is the sensation of being completely overwhelmed by the game itself.

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