OOC Minutes part 2

Yeah yeah, so the first was in character and this one isn’t.  Live with it.  I am tired and the CSM election looms on the horizon like some bloated smog rolling in from a distant city.  So this one is quick(ish) and to the point.

NPE.  I took part in the NPE townhall that preceded the summit along with sending some of the CSM folks my notes on the new player experience that I have made while helping in Rookie Help Chat.  I was saddened to hear that CCP Ghost was sick and unable to attend the meetings but . . . there ya go.

I like that there were NUMBERS and support for decisions as opposed to anecdotal complaints and reactions.  Now being a math teacher I will be the first to admit that stats are a form of delusion and lying far too often but it is nice to have some data to hang your towels on.

CCP then showed the completion rates for the tutorial, with 24% of players completing the tutorial and 8% skipping.

 . . .

Xenuria asked about the remaining 68% of players, to which CCP replied that they had neither completed the tutorial nor skipped the tutorial.

Damn. over 2/3 quit before they ever see the game properly.  They never see the sandbox, Just a bit of the slide into it.  They deep dived the data a bit more to identify where the most people wuit WITHIN the tutorial and CCP is trying to smooth that speed bump.  If actions move forward based on that meeting (and some changes did show as recently as this past Tuesday forcing me to make another new character and do the NPE again) and they continue to iterate on it I hope to see that 2/3 drop out rate lower.

Then they got on to UI and man is that a topic that can create an argument in Eve.  Some people want to do a massive overhaul and others well, then there are others.

How do we give feedback, suggestions, let out our inner dev and apply all our training in UI development to help Eve do it right?  Well even that was discussed but CCP is not about to open up Tranquility with UI dev tools for us to ‘make our own proof of concept’.

They brushed on the issue of scaling and I wish more details was in the minutes as they seemed to be talking about 90% and lower and me and others with visual isses would like to see more discussion that addresses lareger fonts, and adaptations for colour blind players.

The next session was Customer service Impact of Ascension and things like tickets, persistent bugs and the like.  Yes with the influx of players and problems the GM team got swamped, we know.

wow, just . . . wow.  Complain all you want but my hat is off to any CS team who survived that with some shreds of sanity left.

Frome there they went into something I am surprised got a session, Mining ops by NPC’s and the AI (well AI, yeah)  But then think about it.  Them moving around in the world, making it more than just us capsuleers makes for a more dynamic game.

From there they moved on to Moon Mining and Drilling Platforms.  A LOT of this session was under NDA until a dev blog comes out describing the changes to come and how they will change the face of null (if at all).  Once they got on to more general structures many of the CSM identified the pain point that is fueling.  The 0% transaction taxes for the purpose of logging and lockable blueprints and other loopholes that we Eve players ALWAYS manage to find.

The last thing I will mention is the Security session.  Steve, really?  That is your best macaroni and cheese recipe?


Is the link if you want to read it for yourself because, as I said before.  This is reaction and what I see as the highlights.

fly it like you won it




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4 Responses to OOC Minutes part 2

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    So before the new NPE, 50% of new players would quit within 2 hours, and now it’s 68% of them?

    That’s really shocking. (º0º)

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Anyone can examine Chribba’s Eve Offline PCU chart. That says it all. Every weekend the peak value drops another 0.5% or so. This Free-to-play foray was a terrible decision.

    In and of itself, it might have been great. But as long as CCP is beholden to the RMT cartels, and clings to the notion that crushing the high sec lifestyle (which EVERY new player is created within) is a great idea, the game will continue a slow spiral downwards.

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