Minute minutiae

Scotty found him sitting in a corner booth nursing a dark drink and looking even darker as he went over something on his comms.  “Got turned down as tax exempt, again?”

“Nah, just looking over the minutes of the PTB 1.”

“Ah CSM minutes come out and you were not in them.  But the thing is now what is missing but what is there, right?”

“Along with a bit of reading between the lines, yeah.”  Mike waved a hand both indicating his need for a refill and one for Scotty.  “Let me take you through a bit of it. There IS some meat for a lot of folks if they bother to look, which, of course, most won’t.

First thing was the welcome and this meeting often sets the tone for a good part of the rest of the summit. This time is was a question CCP asked the CSM.

CCP Seagull then asked the CSM two questions individually: Where is EVE now, and what your dream change is for EVE:

Now any number of candidates for the Election . . . ”

“That you are not running in” Scotty interjected.

“That I am not running in, this year. Any of them will tell you that we are not junior designers.  So this kind of open ended question almost feels like a trap or a request for us to stretch and try those unused skills.  It DOES give you an insight into the members of the council.  The most simple measure is whether they see the universe as in a good or bad place and the second being what they would fix, if they could.  This sort of thing is great fodder for those looking to vote accurately in the next election.  LOOK at what they said last time they were asked directly by CCP.  What would have been interesting would have been to ask the same questions at the end of the summit.2 But it was an interesting starting point for the summit and a way to see if the folks we elected did and said what they promised they would. Some stayed very true to form.”

“Like who?”

“No, that is another conversation entirely, when I talk about candidates for the next election. Now the thing is that these ‘minutes’ are not a verbatim recording BUT a precis of the proceedings. A LOT gets left out as each meeting is at least an hour. The next meeting was the one I would like to be the fly on the wall for. It was the Future laid out and it is always interesting to compare intent with results.


Overall CCP considers Ascension a success so far.
CCP then explained that they are continuing work on structures.This includes not just adding the Drilling platforms, but also fixing and expanding the existing structures.
CCP then explained that they are working on deciding on what they want the next expansion to be.
CCP Orca explained some upcoming changes to CCP’s web presence,consolidating the various websites into a single website.
CCP Dren then explained for NPE,they are looking now at Empire Selection and Character creation, and will be also looking at the Career Agents.
Overall: Fix good ideas that are currently implemented with some issues, then
launch into new stuff.

“Now, no doubt, there will be cries from every quarter about the things that are not mentioned.  There always are.  But they need to remember that this is an overview, not an itemized list of things that will be. But they never do remember that and so the wailing continues.

From there they went on to discuss the communications from the PTB to the general population.  It was (and I agree) deemed better if it all is under one umbrella3 Then came the news of new forums.”


“An archaic asynchronous tool we capsuleers use to leave messages for each other.  Some use it, some do not.  I, out of habit, still patrol and read specific sections.  It looks like the changes are . . . well, interesting.  In some ways the tool will be easier to use but in other ways?  I am not as happy with the disconnect to who we are from who we present as.  CSM council members DID spot that an manage to get the message across to CCP on that point.  From how we talk to each other they started in on the more interesting social interactions.”


Mike nodded, “Shooting. More specifically when we are asked by organizations to do the shooting, also known as events.  I was not happy with some of the information coming out.  Namely  . . .

CCP started by explaining that there isn’t a dedicated engagement team at this time. At this time, most of the events are currently being run on the side by other teams

But took some small measure of hope in

CCP is aiming to hire in some new devs to a new team to work on future events. They would be continuing to expand on the Scope Network work that Team Astro Sparkle previously worked on.

Bottom line is that this sort of thing, while liked by a fair number of pilots is under served.  The rewards types, encounter styles were all discussed and I found myself nodding with a lot of what the CSM said to CCP.  More engaging,  more varied, less predictable.  Prizes that hit the ‘gotta catch em all’ button.  Prizes that boost skills or have ‘open a box and be surprised.  More, better, challenging.”  Mike sighed.  “I need a small break to go out and do a Bus run, can we pick this up when I get back?”

“Where am I gonna go?”  Scotty waved him off.


Lessons and footnotes

This covers about the first 12 pages of the 52 pages in the minutes.  Just my impressions and yes, I will be hitting the next set soon but as one person put it . . . You? Writing a “short” commentary? I don’t believe it (Thanks, Kael)

He is right.  But I will plow through this THEN do a candidates summary.  (wow, lot on the plate)

1) Powers That Be
2) Hell, how would you answer? Comment below if you would
3) One website rather than the scattering that exists these days.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Minute minutiae

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    Q: Where is EVE now?
    A: Sitting iddle in a corner, taking up some space in my HDD.
    Q: What is your dream change for EVE?
    A: Ask me about it, don’t wait for me to tell you how to get in my wallet.

    CCP should not ask just the CSM. CCP should not just ask everyone who is playing the game. CCP should ask also everyone who left the game in the last years.

    The one thing most EVE players have in common is that they no longer play EVE Online.

    • mikeazariah says:

      When you leave there is an exit poll sometimes given so they have tried to find out the why’s.

      So your dream is that CCP reaches out to those who left again? I thought that the free forever alpha return was a decent start at that. A chance to come back and see the changes without them reaching into your wallet.


      • Catalina de Erauso says:

        I was just taking some literary license, like with the HDD thing.The server population is not going anywhere despite of everything CCP does. So maybe the reason is not what they do, but what they don’t do?

        Why people leave if CCP keeps adding things to the game? They don’t like those things? They want other things instead?

        Who knows? Probably the players who are gone. So, maybe should ask them?

        EVE is a smaller game now than when I played it the first time. It’s a strange thing because it was growing every year, and suddenly started going down. Maybe EVE is just too old. Or maybe is just ill.

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