I know, I know.  Charity in Eve is considered the equivalent of a vegan shark (not happening).  Unless there is strict enforcement of the charity via CCP then people always wonder if it is an intricate scam or the real thing. Some are sure of it . . . see the comments.

It does not help when we have things like Olivia happen.  Trust is hard to come by in Eve and even harder to keep.  It makes you unsure if any charity is real and that is not a bad thing because a lot of them are not, in game or out.

So why am I writing about the blatantly obvious?  Because there ARE real charities.  There are people who use the donations for what they say they will.  If you convert the idea that ‘one charity is false’ into the broader ‘all charities are scams’ you are making a mistake.  It is not a mistake that will cost you  anything but it is a mistake, just the same.

Do I know FOR SURE which player charities are real and which are fake?  Nope.  Does that stop me from being involved?  Nope, and Max said it best when he said (and I paraphrase) that the Coast Guard answers all the false calls because some of them might turn out to be real.  Do due diligence, ask around, pull on loose threads but do NOT just assume everything is a rip off.  Even in Eve

I see this from the other end.  People unwilling to believe that I am handing out free fitted ships in Career systems.  Unwilling to even check it out for fear that I have some foolproof scheme to make them part with all 1 mill of assets they may have.  Usually if two get a ship and say thanks then the rest start to ask if it is real and then I will hand out 6 or 7.  Other systems?  Not a peep.  Doesn’t deter me, I just move on to the next system and try again.

What the is NOT is a request for donations.  I do not need anything for the Bus right now as a few donors have helped me along to the point where I can run smoothly for a month or two. (Thank you to regular donors and new ones like Iskstarter.

I doubt I have changed anything writing this but sometimes if I don’t get up on a soapbox and yell I feel like I didn’t try.  I try to try even when it is trying.

fly it like you won it




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One Response to Charity

  1. rixxjavix says:

    The Dalai Lama said that compassion is what makes our lives worth living. I live that because I’ve always believed it.

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