The scotch seemed to absorb the lights of the bar and transmute it into a golden fire.  Mike swirled his appreciatively before setting the glass down and continuing.  “So we’s given out a few tings this season.  Mainly ships but now comes the more interesting draw.”

Dee smiled’  “What makes a draw interesting?” 

“I asks them to choose what they want to draw FOR.  Did this with ships a week or so back where they had to choose the navy frigate they wanted to be considered for.  One person won one because he was the only damn person who asked for that specific Frigate.  A Minnie one, iffen you is wonderin.”  But now I am asking which folks would rather have, Seeds or Plans.  They either get some starting isk to try their hand at trade OR I can give them a few BPO’s to try manufacturin.”

“How are the choices trending?”

Mike pulled out his comm pad and set it next to the scotch bottle.  “Lessee.  Looks to be 3 to 2 in favour of the Plans.”

“Those are the smart folks, in my opinion.  Isk is nice but a way to MAKE isk is better  But they would need a place to USE those plans wouldn’t they?”

Mikes eyes narrowed.  “Why is it I think you have a place in mind and that be a rhetorical question?”

“Because you are not as drunk as you should be.   Mercenary Coalition is part of the recently announced NETC citadel network, with our Keepstar in Basgerin “Tortuga” which has been declared a freeport.”  He started to tick off items as he went on . . .

* MC is going to go beyond just providing waypoints, however. We will be providing
* Market and cloning services at “Tortuga”
* A separate Sotiyo Engineering Complex optimized for component production
* A separate Azbel EC optimized for research
* A separate Azbel EC optimized for Invention and BPO Copying
* A separate Astrahus citadel optimized for reprocessing and ice refining

– All of these facilities will be free-ported

– For those not yet comfortable in null, we will also maintain a market hub Fortizar in Pulin on the Basgerin gate grid.

– Although MC can not provide security/escort 24/7 365 for those jumping in from Pulin to Basgerin, let’s just say that camping that gate and shooting customers will be frowned upon.”

“Frowns take many forms, I presume your displeasure would be indicated with armaments?”  Mike took a drink and smiled.

Dee spread his hands wide “We are an expressive and demonstrative people.”

“Well I will put te words out when I announces who won.  Whether they decides to relocate ta ya is there business just as ours, if you recall, is ta enjoy this bottle and your glass seems to be empty.”

“Dry atmosphere, I blame evaporation.”  Dee said, reaching for the bottle.


I want to thank the donors of late for their generosity to Operation Magic School Bus as well as CCP Mimic and Guard for the nice shout out on the last o7 show..  I have been able to give things OTHER than fitted ships, now and again.  Christmas Day 5 players got a plex each.

The above is also about choices we make (or think we have to make) in game.

You keep making your choices and have fun doing so.

May your scotch not evaporate and fly it like you won it


(for the record?  I drink rum, not scotch)



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