Let it Snow


Mike relaxed and admired the special lighting the deck crew had done to the hanger.  He sat out on the Hull of the Bus, far above the deck the hologram of snow drifted and glowed in the lights that were there.  It was always a hectic time of the year and he was glad to take a moment for himself and just rest.

The Bus took a lot of his time as did the work behind the scenes, fits and shipping and draws and such.  He could not remember the last time he had flown just for his own amusement.  He would have to change that.  ‘all work and no play . . . ‘

His latest amusement had been snow as well.  He spent some time in Jita and would put bursts of snow to blank the scammers and spammers.  Oh it DID mean that he was also spamming but he would limit his actions to a small span of time and then move on.  The funny thing was that others would pick it up and that Jita was, for a little while less scammy as a % of posts.  (It also meant that some people now would never again hear anything Mike had to say as he was blocked)

Ah well. the snow on the ceiling was nice and it distracted him from the other aspect of the holidays.  Dee was gone and there was a hole in his heart because of it.  Loneliness was always worst when others were not and he could see the  . . .

“You gonna mope all day or you coming?”  A voice asked from behind him.

“I was bein introspective like.”  Mike answered.

“That is easier to do with a drink in your hand and folks around you to help with the hard parts, like thinking.”  Scotty grinned and offered a hand to Mike.

Mike took the hand and pulled himself upright.  He took a last glance at the snow above as the cold inside of him warned to the thought of food and drink and friends.  She was gone, yes.  But there were still other people to meet and other things to do.


Merry Christmas everyone.  I will probably do another post soon but I just wanted this snapshot out there.

Oh and I have another hospital story for the next time we sit down to drink.  You’re buying

fly it like you won it





。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ .; , 。 .   +  ゚   。  。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o.゚  。 . 。。 .  .。    o   .. 。 ゚  , 。. o 。* 。 . o. 。 . .。.   。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ 。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ .; , 。 .   +  ゚   。  。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o.゚  。 . 。。 .  .。    o   .. 。 ゚  , 。. o 。* 。 . o. 。 .。

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