Mike stared at the hud, dumbfounded.  Damage?  Where?  Who?  Why?  When?  (how was left out because of legal reasons)  He had been distracted and flying from one region to another, taking his time at the gates but he had not noticed that he had even been shot at but now here he was, half shields that were slowly regenerating.

“Not that I mind being shot at, too much.  But it is almost insulting not to at least notice.  I wonder if I should send an apology.”  He hesitated then brought up the combat log.  Ah, there it must be, he now had kill rights against another pilot Casirio.  “Huh, newbie taking a pot shot?”  He accessed pilot data.  “Nope, no idea what he was using, hell I don’t even know what system he was shooting me in.  Poor sap, hard enough being a bad guy to be so bad AT it that the victim takes no notice?”  Mike shrugged and decided against the apology.

^Mike^  The comm crackled.


^Few months back I helped out with a little extra for the rookies.  was wondering if you wanted to do it again?^

“J,. I always welcome donations.  Last time I called them manners gifts but this time I think I will reward ‘engagement’.”

^Them shooting at you?^

“No, just saying a bit more then ‘me me me’ and ‘thanks’.  Social engagement is important.  You oughta see how few talk in a system, these days.  I see 200+ in local and talk to 5-10 of them.”

^But you keep doing it, anyways.^

“One starfish at a time, yup.”  Mike smiled as the wallet icon blinked.  “Engagement enrichment fund donation received, now to hit the markets.  Thanks J, gotta move on to the next stop.”

^Fly safe^

“Nah, I fly fast or prepared . . . or both”



2 years of doing this, wow.

Yeah someone shot at me and I actually did miss it as I had the sound off and was paying attention to my wife at the time (happy marriage needs that sort of thing, now and again).

What do you guys think, should I spend some time with fireworks to grab more attention?  Or just keep on keeping on?

My thanks to the donors of late, I am behind on  my in game mail.

speaking of mail . . . https://mikeazariah.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/ooc-operation-northern-troll/ this, please.

fly it like you won it


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  1. Easy Esky says:

    Card sent last week.

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