Flying in Otter Space


“Ya know”  Mike said to the folks in the bar.  “There are times when you get reeeeal tired of hearing the young ones whine.  I wonder if they get tired of us telling ’em how much harder it was ‘back in the day’?”

“Probably.”  Muttered the drunk to Mikes right. “But who cares what they think or say.”

“One day that may be the guy you want at your back.  I care.”  Mike took another pull of his own drink in a futile effort to catch up.  “Might even be your logi.  Nah, I try to make sure my future is safer by tending to the present that will BE my future, presently.”

“Do you think about your sentences before you say them or what?”  The drunk frowned trying to figure out what Mike had just spouted.

“Nah, what is the point of both of us listening?  But the newbies, some of them nobody should be forced to listen to, whining that they don’t have enough, can’t do enough, that it isn’t fair that they cannot fly a Titan or have all the things right now.  Begging in Rookie Help Chat like they are the only poor folks in there.”  Another pull on his drink.  “They miss the chance to enjoy the challenge, the discovery.  To play.”

“Maybe they have a different way of playing.”  suggested the bartender, checking drink levels and placing a couple of fresh ones down as he cleared the empties.  “Maybe they think there is some ‘get to the good stuff’ action going on.”

“Nah, they’s just lazy.” opined the drunk.

“Some but not all.  Met a guy the other day that kinda made me glad I talk to folks.  New guy but somehow had tripped across my name and wanted someone to tell his adventures to.  I was just doing some industry stuff and had time so I said sure, let ‘er rip.”

I began on 23rd at 16:00, now I found a small group of guys who seemed to have time and interest in being pals and helping me learn, so we went out and I helped tackle as a 3rd web and scram and I accidentally didn’t know podding at low sec gives sec-loss
I came back after 2 pods and 3ship kills as a newborn pirate, I have learned now to move quickly through hisec. The next day I attend another fleet again and learn more about faction warfare hunting and we catch my first killing blow
Today I logged in and checked twitch for evescout and instead found bjorn, I fought cardinal syn last night who gave me many breacher fits and encouraged me

“So he shows me his killboard, kills and assists and he is just so damn proud that it was infectious.  He had a loss as well and shared that with me but the best thing was?  He shrugged it off as part of the experience.  The damn guy GOT IT.”  Mike smiled and took a pull from his drink that drained the glass.  “He said he had done a lot of things and master each of them and was now out to master being a capsuleer. I told him he would have to decide what mastering New Eden meant, to him.

I think I want to become a reliable scout or backup FC.  I was just proud because I wasn’t exactly listening to primaries, and instead free tackling which he called out sometimes.

“He has goals, independent thought that may or may not work well in a fleet.  But damn it he had fun, win and lose.  He has goals and he went out and FOUND things to do FOUND fleets to join.”  Mike raised a fresh glass just set before him.  “To Otter, because he otter do well and we welcome him to the company of pilots.”

“Here here.”  the drunk yelled as he slid from his seat and collapsed on the bar floor.



Yup, I did chat with this guy and yup I quoted some of the convo but damn I don’t know if I managed to capture the sheer exuberance.

So if you are a new pilot and have somehow stumbled onto this rambling blog o mine?  Welcome.  Welcome in deed, in word, in action.  IF you have a story to tell and you want someone else to help tell it?  Let me know but understand that I am doing things in game and in (ew) Real Life and may not always have time for a long chat.

fly it like you won it






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