OOC: All by your onesies

Due to the nature of Operation Magic School Bus I cannot be in a corp, simple as that.  The Bus would be too tempting a target and I would be wardecced and hunted till kingdom come.  I am not complaining, I would expect no less.  But that means I do not have a corp/alliance and I fly alone.  Kinda makes my last post a bit ironic and leads me to this one.  Flying alone.


Except . . . sometimes you can.  You do not HAVE to join a corp in Eve (hell, there are very few things you HAVE to do, being a sandbox and all)  Not everything is about direct relationships with other players although you would be surprised at how wide the impact of anything you do does spread.  I will explain as we go along.

Normally folks think PvE when they talk of Eve solo play.  It is true that solo in hisec is a common choice but I always wonder if that is because it is what is taught by the career agents.  If all you are shown is how to mine then what can we expect you to think the game is about?

Ah, mining.  All alone in a belt, enjoying the view and the steady tick of ore arriving in your ventures hold and the value increasing.  Easy, safe, quiet, time for some netflix or surfing the web while you rake in the cash.  Unless, of course, some player decides that you look like easy and afk meat.  Unless you plan on plexing your account via mining.  Unless you find such activity boring (some do, some don’t).  All alone, right? Wrong.  You probably will selling the ore, meaning you interact and affect the market and the player you sell to.  Unless you are using it to make your own damn stuff then someone else gets involved.  Not to mention the ore you mine is not there for people later in the day who arrive at the belts to find them empty.  I kid you not, there have been hisec wardecs over mining rights.

So maybe missions?  Work for npcs, shoot npcs, all nice and steady.  Hey, Mike was a missioneer, right?  Right.  But that was as a paid account, omega class and I struggled through the T1 and T2 missions to start making decent isk.  T3’s are where it begins to be nice and T4’s more so for me.  I have read of people who make really good money blitzing T3’s but to do that they are in ships and fits that an alpha cannot fly.  It is nice steady casual play, I will not say otherwise and I still do the occasional mission when the mood strikes me.

Trade?  Made for solo, same for industrial, quite often.  After all, are YOU going to trust strangers by giving them access to your wallet or assets?  Yeah, you go it alone and maybe make a fleet of alts to support yourself.  But to be in the market you will be doing pvp of a different sort, you will be interacting with all the buyers and sellers and players from around the world.  You will be alone, in a crowd.

Exploration.  This is my current go to activity when on a break.  Great for casual play and slightly addictive like a puzzle game.  But if you head into low or null?  You better believe you are in a mmo and the other players are willing to make you less solo and more target.  You may be playing alone but you are a cat at a dog show.  I know folks who LOVE this playstyle and then I read things like this and realize that not all folks understand that even though you play alone, you are seldom alone.

PvP ah the life of the solo pilot and in this new age of off grid boosts going bye-bye we might actually see a resurgence or the death of this activity.  Hisec, ganking solo style.  My best contact for this tells me that they are changing career again but they made a steady life of scan, shoot, loot.  Was damn good at it, too.  Alpha capable thrashers backed with a will to kill and a penchant for teaching a bit of violence to inattentive players.  Lowsec pirate on the prowl, nullsec adventurer with a purpose.  Harlock of the spaceways, the Dread Pirate Roberts (I am SURE both names are taken but I am not pointing to the players) willing to go out and do violence all alone, your own man and your own success or failure.  Cool, aloof.

heh, look, you can play solo, casual and with Alpha states that is now easy and cheap to do but I really want to end with a quote from the forums this morning.

Everyone knows that friendship is the best ship in Eve. It sounds corny but it’s true. If you are trying to solo the game then you are missing at least 90% of the content.-ergherhdfgh

I do have one other post in this set to do, being alone in a group, the npsi and events aspect of play.  But then I have other things floating in the writing pool I call a brain as well.

fly it like you won it


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