OOC: Joining the gang

I strongly recommend you read comments on this one as updates to info may be found there.

Eve is a social game, there is no denying it.  Some even call it a very pretty chat program.  But for a new player it can be intimidating trying to fit in to established groups.  You feel like the 5 year old trying to get into a baseball game with teenagers.

So I put a call out on twitter because Eve extends beyond the borders of its own chatter into other mediums like blogs, podcasts, twitch and you tube and Facebook and twitter.  (quick aside>  common eve twitter is #tweetfleet and I am @mikeazariah)  I asked . . .

Now I cannot and have not vetted the answers but all the usual suspects showed up.  Top of the list for learning is Eve Uni.  Close on its heels come the big nullsec pvp groups.of Brave newbies( https://wiki.braveineve.com/ ), Karma fleet (http://karmafleet.org/) and Pandemic Horde ( Forum post on joining Horde ).  If you are looking for a big organization and the chance to be in fleet battles one of them is a good place to go.

Eve University is a long standing teaching organization for Eve and yes the application process takes some time but their classes are very well organized.  Even if you do not join them a lot of their material is free as are the classes, even to outsiders. http://calendar.eveuniversity.org/ is always a good place to see what they are teaching and offering.

Signal Cartel is more specialized group focused on exploration and a very non-pvp stance.   https://t.co/LZku0I6c5N Is where to go to learn about joining them.   Evemail ingame Mynxee or Johnny Splunk. (tell Mynxee I sent you)  RvB is another specialized hisec friendly war that is still ongoing and I actually fought in for a while.  It is a blast for learning some fleet skills but you need to have a source of income to replace lost ships. R-V-B is the in game channel and rvbeve.com is where you can go for more info.

Speaking of violence but on a smaller scale Vagrant Skies is a member of the pirate organization called A Band Apart.  To join them you join the in game channel Vagrancy Encouraged.  (since I assume some of you are new, to join a channel click the little speech bubble at the top af a chat box and then type or paste in the name of the channel I mentioned and say join.  If it is a public channel you will be in and the message of the day should tell you who to talk to about recruiting  I check and Vagrancy Encouraged  does have that info)

Now here is the odd thing and this drives me crazy.  The LEAST advertised groups are the PvE folks.  Miners may group but they stay private for fear of gankers joining to set them up for kills.  Mission runners are the same way.  I started out in a mining corp and enjoyed myself a lot.  We had awoxers and wardecs against us but we survived until the CEO burned out.  It happens.  Being a sheep in a game for wolves is both a challenge and a punishment.  Some take it up and thrive while others are mutton and wool sweaters.  They have good reason to be careful and it is the Main reason Operation Magic School Bus is in Scope.  I make too good a target in the Bowhead to offer the opportunity to be easy prey.  Late Edit https://english.eve-guides.fr/index.php?article=137  is a mixed language group that lays claim to some PvE, I have not personally checked them out but if you do, let me know how it turned out.

Back to violence.  If Faction Warfare sounds good to you then there are lots in each faction to choose from. I have been assured that . . .

I am sure there are others for the Other Races but these guys spoke up when I put the call out and I do know some of the members of that group.  Late edit.  The Black Shark Cult (Caldari) also spoke up, find out mre at https://www.reddit.com/r/blacksharkcult/comments/3ce2v4/black_shark_cult_mission_statement/

Joining makes this less of a game of solitaire and more a hobby, a place where you go to meet up with friends on line.  Find the right corp and you will have things to do and accomplish far beyond what you can do alone.  Find the wrong group?  Get out and find the right group, don’t be a putz.  They will make some demands of you and you have every right to make demands of them.

A forum article on corp finding is worth reading.  Yes in the first few days it is good to find out what can be done and what part you can play.  Yes in the first few days you ARE the five year old tagging along.

But you grow up so very fast

fly it like you won it


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12 Responses to OOC: Joining the gang

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Anonymity is the first line of defense for the Industrialist and mission runner, Mike. Too many chances of “ruin your game”. And it only takes one to kill the fun.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I totally understand that. Been there, got the t-shirt. Just wish there were safe ways to join without becoming a liability. This is why I wanted the societies model to take off.

      • Zleepyhead says:

        Being set up for suicide ganks is hard to avoid (though you can just as easily be ganked by someone with a ship scanner), but awoxing is ezpz. Just disable the friendly fire in corp settings 🙂

      • Learn to fly smartly and mine smartly, and scanner or not… you will be hard to suicide gank.
        Set your Venture to orbit the asteroid and go watch Netflix…. you will be easy to gank… scanner or not.

      • Catalina de Erauso says:

        Or maybe people should be allowed to play alone if so they wish.

        There is a line between “best with friends” and “don’t do it alone”. CCP is leaning heavily towards the former, but the population is behaving as if they were wrong. If most people play with others, making the game better to play with others should increase the population, not kill it.

      • mikeazariah says:

        That is an upcoming article. Solo play but not being alone.


  2. And of course, new players are welcome to join The New Order of Highsec!

  3. PS If no one teaches the new guys how to avoid suicide ganking… then they will fall like flies.
    One of the best (imho) ways to learn how to avoid it is to try it.

  4. Jasper Sinclair says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for mentioning RvB. Just to let people know, we are providing free ships to alpha clones (all the frigate types, including Ventures). We’ve also put rules in place to allow alphas to mission and mine and whatnot without being hunted down. Join in-game chat channel “R-V-B” with any questions!

  5. grrr-gooons says:

    Karma Fleet isn’t actually predominatly pvp. The alliance as a whole is but the corp is not.

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