Wait for it

Example was a series I started to point new players to a step by step.  Then CCP announces that there will be a new new player experience.  So continuing this would be counter productive.  As a reselt I will wait the two weeks for the new stuff and then get a writin once again about new steps and baby steps for the wave of alphas (none of whom will have the foggiest idea that there is a blog to help them)

Speaking of alphas.  I am scrambling to get things in place for them with the Magic School Bus and this is me asking for donations.  A lot of folks have helped with hulls and isk but there is a lot to do and so if you can spare some materials or funds then I am here, about to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Operation Magic School Bus.  If you hate the gnosis I will take them as well when they get handed out, just sayin.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh Eve Vegas was fun to watch what I could and I plan on going through the rest of it and maybe do a little things post of things that struck me.  Point form and hard to read but it will what it is.  At least I did not do 700+ tweets like some writers I know . . .

Lots to write about as we are in interesting times.  I need to get back at this thing more hardcore . . .

fly it like you won it



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4 Responses to Wait for it

  1. Dermeisen says:

    Look forward to that, you’ll have a front-row seat – must admit to haveing gone to sisi and loved it already – I hope that this is a taste of the grand rework to come!

  2. Neville Smit says:

    You loved our 700+ tweets from EVE Vegas, admit it! 🙂

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