More time spent on Minutes

“So then they got onto the idea of ‘events’, you know, like hunting the Purity loonies.”  Mike took snack from the plate the waitress dropped on the table and grinned.  “Things to do in between other things to do.  They have been good and will probably continue.  I expect the Blood Raiders will have their annual dustup, sometime soon.  There was some talk about what appropriate rewards were when you did stuff for Concord or Scope.”

“You sad you didn’t toss your hat in the ring, this year?”  Scotty asked from the side.

“No, but I think the ring may throw a hat at me.”  Mike replied.  “Probably soon.  They got into the minutiae of fashion, both SKINs for the ships and citadels as well as right down to hats for capsuleers. The coucillors spent some time trying to convince the powers that be that vanity pieces DO mean something to some pilots.  Some folks want to have a sense of identity even down to their ship colours.”

“Like you don’t want your big Bus painted all yellow.”  Scotty said.

“Oh I like a few other paint schemes as well,”  Mike grinned,  “though I wouldn’t


be the first to use them.  Either way, more appeals to our collective vanity cannot be a bad idea, no?”

He then took on a more serious tone.  “Then they started to get into the more meaty subjects like the clone alterations that are acommin.”

The listeners poured more drinks from various pitchers and leaned in a bit.  This was something they wanted to know about.  “Ya knows Valkyrie pilots?  Simple rinse and re-use clones, eh?  Well looks like the modifications of clone tech has allowed a ‘budget’ version for us capsuleers as well.  You don’t learn as fast, you cannot learn much beyond the basics.”

“So why do it?”  Someone asked.

“Economics, relativelesy speaking it is damn near free to fly like that.”  Mike shrugged.  “Some folks be willin to sacrifice anyting ta get what they thinks is a deal.”

Scotty looked at Mike and asked.  “Somethin about them bothers you though, right?”

“Ayup.  Mainly waves of them not caring the cost, waves of them not really caring who they votes for, waves of them overwhelming shorthanded staff for issues, waves breaking upon the shores of our status quo.  Now that may not be a bd thing, overall but I do see issues.  But the Powers That Be tell us they will monitor for major shifts and react accordingly which means a lot of those waves MAY happen before they decide to build a breakwater.”

“That is good, isn’t it?”

“In one way, yes.  It will let us see what is the word that can happen but if it drives the old guard away . . . some may not come back.  And if the new wave of folks learn to like what they have they will kick and scream if their little toys are taken away from them.  I am not sure there IS a right answer to be found so . .  . well one of the other side said it best.

CCP Seagull emphasized again that the intention of clone states and the
restrictions was not to encourage every alpha state account to subscribe, but to
allow them to be able to play side by side with the omegas without wrecking the

so we will have to see and be prepared to weather out the storms.”

“Then they spent some time on how we can rework our line of sudies and resumes (character sheets)  and I knows that there will be people who hate it just because it is change.  They will beg for things to be an option to be the old way and they will be denied.  Thgis is a pattern for every change of this type.  Some more instinctive things like the pause and apply will be better used and personally I think it all sounds fairly nice.  They also looked at how inventory will be indicative of whether and ‘alpha’ can use things or not, both on the ship tree and on basic market and inventory.”

Mike grinned.  “The session after that was statistics.  Now I won’t bore you with them but I found this to be one I always love to attend and the graphs made are awesome


Stuff like the above can advise you as to what MOST folks use for their damage dealt and maybe prepare or fit similarly.  Or try to buck the tide and find something better.”

Mike looked about and nodded to the waitress.  “Feed the folks.  Assorted appies till the plates stop emptying.”

He sat back.  “Talkin be work, too.”



More has come out since the summit and In may incorporate a bit, here and there, but this is mainly based off of the minutes.

Eve Metrics is always my fav bit.  Go look at the graphs.

If anybody knows about setting up Fortizrs could you send me a note.  I seriously am looking at them but not finding a lot of info online that is a cohesive ‘how to’

fly it like you won it


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  1. Easy Esky says:

    I see that hybrid damage for Destoryers outweighs all other damages combined. *cough* balance pass time *cough*

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