From a Distance

“Well, well, well.  “Scotty drawled.  “Look what got dragged in to Cat.”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “I don’t think that is how that sayin goes.  I am here on a mix, business and pleasure.  The pleasure be that of buying a few rounds for you and the boys.”

“And the business?”

“Scouting sites . . . thinking of putting up a Citadel one of these days and I like these stomping grounds.  But first I have a lot of learning to do.”  Mike grimaced.

“Well, at least you are not all caught up in Minutes, this year.”  Scotty looked at his sideways as they headed for the bar.

“I still read them of course, just don’t worry if they spelled my name right.”  Mike tried to keep a straight face.

“You miss it, don’t you?”

Mike sighed.  “I do, don’t know why or what but I do miss the whole process.”

“Well then, we have just the cure for you.  You can buy us drinks and explain the damn things to us.  Pretend that you are still a caring community type.”

Mike laughed and nodded.  “Sounds good, Maybe I will get it out of my system.”

Soon enough he was holding court in a local bar and letting any who wandered in hear his opinion of what the high and mighty were up to.

“To start with you have to understand that this was unusual right from the start.  ALL 14 councilors made it to the summit.  Usually some of  would remote presence in and/or just no even try.  We were not always ‘invited’ or able to assign the time to the meetings so the ‘powers that be’ [ccp] have never dealt with this large an invasion of capsuleers into their inner sanctum.  Larger rooms and more voices would, for me, be a concern.

The First sessions were ‘here is how we work, this is what we do, followed by ‘this is what we have planned’.  Best takeaway your average pilot could use is knowing who does what.  What team to watch if you have a specific interest.  In the short term things may be fairly solidified as to what is coming but as we move into the next year possibilities open up.  Then they asked the council for suggestions for the roadmap . . . ”  Mike chuckled softly.

•New Space and Stargates -Noobman
•More frequent balancing -Mr Hyde, TheJudge
•Ability to influence gates in already known space -Aryth
•Better and more engaging NPCs -Sullen
•Expanded and better Mining Gaming -Steve
•More high-risk, high reward PvE -Gorski
•More Social PvE –Jin’taan
•Better experience after the first week- Innominate
•Better experience in large fight situations -Bobmon
•Structures, space and their customization -Kyle
•Giving players the ability to create missions to give other players more
    content- Fafer
•Instant action -Fafer
•Graphic Creation Toolkit for content creators -Xenuria
•More personalized assets -Nashh
“I am not going to go back and see if these are things they promised to push for, during the last election, but the open question on record is a good move and will help in future elections.  The one thing I found worthy of special note is the PTB (powers that be) reaction to Jin’s request for more social PvE.  We mission runner tend to be a solitary bunch except for the incursion communitee.  The head honchette indicated

there is an assumption that CCP doesn’t want to make more content like this, and that this assumption isn’t really true.
so there may be more group missions in our future.”
“Groups missions?”  Someone called from the back.
“One of the more common terms is ‘raids’.”  Mike shrugged.  “I figure it will be hard to do but not impossible.  Some of us will still try to do them all alone and damned if I don’t think some hotshot will ‘solve the puzzles’ quick enough.  But back to the minutes, we can tear ’em apart, later.
So the Powers started talking about a lot of details such as
•The IGB removal and covering all of its functionality.
•Some performance optimization for the post-processing system
•Item packs for starter packs
•Removal of the Login queue
•One-Click Purchase (with further discussion regarding fraud and hacking
Engineering Complexes
Which lead them in a dozen different ways as they most likely discussed the ramifications and state of each choice made.”
“Which didn’t make the minutes.”  A voice said from the back.
“No, that sort of thing seldom sees the light of day but I KNOW they do not just mention it and move on.  They also touched on Faction warfare and said something that both excites and scares me . . .
When the topic of standings with FW was brought up, CCP Burger brought up that
they’re looking a bit into this and all sorts of expanded possibilities to actually
make standings matter.
Which can mean a lot of things but from my point of view the 4 empires are starting to recognize the Cuckoos egg they are hatching in their nests.  Capsuleers, some of us, at least, barely recognize heritage and just fly and do what we want leaving the empires to squabble among themselves.  Others still maintain loyalties and affection for our homes and heritage.  I am Gallente . . . THEN a Capsuleer.”
The locals gave some whoops of support and then quieted to hear what worried Mike.
“I . . .I don’t know what is coming but it feels like a storm . . . the winds are changing.”  He shrugged.  “Of I am just in need of another drink.”
One was passed to him and he continued. “Then they talked about the business of making Capsuleers.  Getting folks to join up and become immortal.  Sales and pitches and samples of product lines a preview of the store: but in the end that is not something that directly effects me except to give me more folks to greet with the Bus.
But then the high level stuff was done and they started to get down to brass tacks.
If you unfamiliar with this?  Yes, I write in character, live with it, yes I clicked the link, too, just thought I would pass the love on.
I will break this up into manageable chunks and this is the first of how ever many it takes.  I pulled it from the first 10 pages of 55 pages of the Minutes.  If you don’t like my summary then 
go read them yourself.  Hell I do.  Next post soon, RL willing.
fly it like you won it.
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  1. RJ says:

    Apparently my comment did not show up (posted one minutes ago)
    If it does I’ll erase this one.

    Did you guys considered clone states being an option in API keys? I read the PDF and I didn’t see anything regarding that.

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