“See, I always thought the point of terrorism was to cause fear, to sway minds or drive an enemy into a corner.  Ting is, I seldom see that it works.”  Mike scooped some of the contents of the skillet onto a pair of plates and slid one across to Free.  “I never saw you as a terrorist . . . more like a combat specialist.  You don’t go trying to scare folks or even make the news, you juss wants dem dead, no?”

“Exactly.”  She picked up a fork and poked at the food.  “What is this again?”

“Food.”  Mike grinned.  “Don worry, I no spice it too much or too little, it be juss right.”

“There are times when we differ on what ‘juss right’ means.”  She took a bite and smiled.  “But not this time.”

“So what are them Purity folks up to, then?  They make lots of noise and pretty nice targets but I just don’t see the point.”  He washed a mouthful down with some red wine.

“They object to one not of Pure Amarr heritage taking the throne.  She is, by bloodline, sullied with the Udorian ancestry of her family.  So they want her removed and another more pure elevated to Empress.”

“How do you and yours feel about it?”

“Depends on how she stands on the one question we care about.  If she supports chainers then she is a target.  Not because of Bloodline but because of beliefs, simple as that.  We will not try to change her mind, just her from living Empress to ‘The Late Empress’.”

Mike snorted.  “Have a hotline to the Drifters, do you?”

“No, sadly.”  She ate some more and looked at him.  “You are going to be there, for the coronation, aren’t you?”

“If I is in the area twould be rude not to drop by and say hello.  Heavens forbid I might be seen as being rude.”  Mike grinned wider than before.  “I tink I may even be in that area on Bus business.  Maybe.  If y’all wants to come along I am sure I can find rooms for ya . . . ”

She paused then met his happy gaze with a serious one.  “I may take you up on that, I may.”



IRL the Prince William and family landed in my home town about an hour ago.  People were lined up for hours to get a glimpse of them.

The other prompt for this is the violence in the last few days south of my border.  I just have this to add.

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, … Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.  MLK

I think that a The Coronation of stellar empire like the Amarr would/will be a big thing.  So IF I can find the right time and be there, I will.  Now I just have to decide on the right ship for the job.  And do I white skin it?

Tuesday, but when Tuesday? http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-09-27/ just says what day.  A time would be nice . . . anyone know?

Ah well, till then?  fly it like you won it




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