OOC Preparing for Alpha

OK, hopefully, this will be a big thing and I decided to make alpha characters ahead of time.  One for each race.  The thing is that this MAY ber a very dated piece, very soon.  If they change the new player experience and the base skills shift then all the work I do here becomes ancient history.

I don’t think that I have mentioned this before but that is kind of how my eve writing career started.  A player who had a website asked me to write a character creation piece explaining the difference between each race and bloodline.  It DID make a difference back then.  He paid me for the write ups and that gave me a start in Eve.  Now here I am, doing it again and once more there is a chance that it will be a two month article that then becomes ‘no longer relevant’.

But something makes me want to write this and so I made another trial account and a new character so I could remember where we start and set up the changes.   Then I relaised that I could just hit Eve Uni Wiki and find the list.

So what will My Amarr be allowed to use once the November expansion hits?

Amarr     Remote Hull Repair Systems     1     Armor
Amarr     Repair Systems                               4     Armor
Amarr     Thermal Armor Compensation     1     Armor
Amarr     Corporation Management           1     Corporation Management
Amarr     Drone Avionics                               4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Durability                            4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Interfacing                          3     Drones
Amarr     Drone Navigation                          4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Sharpshooting                   4     Drones
Amarr     Drones                                               5     Drones
Amarr     Light Drone Operation                 4     Drones
Amarr     Medium Drone Operation           3     Drones
Amarr     Repair Drone Operation              2     Drones
Amarr     Electronic Warfare                        4     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Propulsion Jamming                    3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Weapon Disruption                      3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Advanced Weapon Upgrades     1     Engineering
Amarr     CPU Management                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Emission Systems     3     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Management               4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Systems Operation     3     Engineering
Amarr     Electronics Upgrades                   4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Grid Upgrades                  4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Pulse Weapons                 2     Engineering
Amarr     Power Grid Management             4     Engineering
Amarr     Thermodynamics                          3     Engineering
Amarr     Weapon Upgrades                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Controlled Bursts                          4     Gunnery
Amarr     Gunnery                                           5     Gunnery
Amarr     Medium Energy Turret                4     Gunnery
Amarr     Motion Prediction                        4     Gunnery
Amarr     Rapid Firing                                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Sharpshooter                               4     Gunnery
Amarr     Small Energy Turret                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Surgical Strike                             4     Gunnery
Amarr     Trajectory Analysis                     4     Gunnery
Amarr     Leadership                                     3     Leadership
Amarr     Missile Launcher Operation     1     Missiles
Amarr     Acceleration Control                   3     Navigation
Amarr     Afterburner                                    3     Navigation
Amarr     Evasive Maneuvering                  3     Navigation
Amarr     High Speed Maneuvering           3     Navigation
Amarr     Navigation                                      4     Navigation

Amarr     Warp Drive Operation                 3     Navigation
Amarr     Biology                                             3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Cybernetics                                     3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Industry                                            5     Production
Amarr     Mass Production                             3     Production
Amarr     Mining                                               4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Mining Upgrades                            4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Reprocessing                                    3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Salvaging                                           3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Armor Rigging                                  2     Rigging
Amarr     Astronautics Rigging                      2     Rigging
Amarr     Drones Rigging                                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Electronic Superiority Rigging     2     Rigging
Amarr     Energy Weapon Rigging                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Jury Rigging                                        3     Rigging
Amarr     Archaeology                                        3     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Acquisition                 2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Rangefinding             2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometrics                                      3     Scanning
Amarr     Hacking                                               3     Scanning
Amarr     Survey                                                  3     Scanning
Amarr     Science                                                4     Science
Amarr     EM Shield Compensation              1     Shields
Amarr     Explosive Shield Compensation     1     Shields
Amarr     Kinetic Shield Compensation      1     Shields
Amarr     Shield Compensation                     3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Management                        3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Operation                              4     Shields
Amarr     Shield Upgrades                               3     Shields
Amarr     Tactical Shield Manipulation       3     Shields
Amarr     Thermal Shield Compensation    1     Shields
Amarr     Connections                                       2     Social
Amarr     Criminal Connections                     2     Social
Amarr     Diplomacy                                           3     Social
Amarr     Distribution Connections              2     Social
Amarr     Mining Connections                        2     Social
Amarr     Negotiation                                        2     Social
Amarr     Security Connections                      2     Social
Amarr     Social                                                    3     Social
Amarr     Amarr Cruiser                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Destroyer                              4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Frigate                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Industrial                              1     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Mining Frigate                                  4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Spaceship Command                      3     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Anchoring                                           1     Structure Management
Amarr     Long Range Targeting                     3     Targeting
Amarr     Signature Analysis                           3     Targeting
Amarr     Target Management                        4     Targeting
Amarr     Broker Relations                               2     Trade
Amarr     Marketing                                           2     Trade
Amarr     Trade                                                    3     Trade


(OK so formatting is not my thing)  This is what you will be ‘allowed’ to have active as an Alpha clone.  So this is what you should be making . . . right now.  Think about it.  You train at normal speed right now, alphas will train slower (how slow I do not know)  IF you plan on making an alpha for whatever purpose you would be well advised to make it and start training it with the better speed available, no?

Now if you asre a new player the above list means next to nothing to you so let me make a few suggestions for what to hit first.

Light Drone Operation–Buy it, get it training.  Drones are handy, period.

If you are going to do missions beyond the Career agents?  –Connections

For fitting?  Go to this link and see their recommendations.  I do not like to try to reinvent perfectly good wheels.

Frigate, destroyer, cruiser to max.  Frigate first and then move on.

Look at what you like doing, what you want to do.  Fitting skills are always good while you are deciding but always keep skills on the burner.  Alwas be learning till you max that Alpha out.  If in doubt guns and defense are good as well.  Amarr armor tank and lasers, for example.

Basically, what I am saying?  Plan ahead.  CCP tells us things?  USE that knowledge and make good decisions.

fly it like you won it





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