Example 2 (Career Missions 1)

Where the last lesson stopped is where I will begin.  You need to dock but I suggest you skip docking in the local station and head right for the Career agents.  Hit f12 and then click on Show Career Agents.  this will show you the closest set of five agents to take you through more of the basics of Eve.  meia6w5

Right click the location, under the name of one of the agents (in this case Uitra VI) and ‘set destination’.  Your location may be different id you started as a different race or eve in a different area.  That is fine, head there.

How?  Ah, good question, grasshopper.  On your Overview one gate is now yellow.  You can either right click and select jump OR you can left click it and then left click jump in the Selected Items box.  There is a third way I will mention at the later in this post in the Business mission.  You are now in warp . . . weeeeee.  You get to the gate and go through it.  A new gate is yellow and odds are that it is already selected, jump again and again and dock when that is the choice and you will be in the agents station.  As I say in Rookie Help Chat, follow the Yellow gate road.  You little star traveler, you, you are in a new system far from the old one and new things to do.

On the right, where the Overview used to be is now the Station services box.  From the top you can undock or see Captains quarters, interact with various functions of the station such as personal grooming, insurance, bounties etc. On the bottom is the people part, three tabs, Agents, Guests, Offices.  If it is not selected, click Agents.  There they are, your teachers for the next little while.

I am going to do this an odd way . . . this post and the ones that follow will each deal with a single mission from all 4 agents (excluding advanced military until we finish basic).  In other words, this will cover the first missions Industry 1, Exploration 1, etc and the next post will cover the second mission from each agent and so on.  You do NOT have to do it this way but it makes sense to me in how I approach the process.

Please make sure your skill queue is active.

Industry 1 (Mountains out of Molehills 1 of 10)–Right click the agent and start the conversation.  READ what he says and then remember to click accept at the bottom of the conversation.  Make sure that you have a Miner I mounted on your ship and then undock.  The number one frustration players hit at this step is they warp to an asteroid field and mine the ore.  After all, that is what you are supposed to do, right?  Wrong.  The agent wants you to go to a specific place to mine.  Right click open space, mission–encounter–warp to location OR if you have the mission bar active on the left, click the mission


If mining is not the active tab on your Overview then click it and a Veldspar asteroid will be visible on the Overview.  Select and lock it, right click and orbit it at 5km and activate your miner.  A quicker method to locking targets is to control left click them.  In combat this is a shade faster and a good habit to get into.   Now you wait.  If you hover your mouse over the Miner I module near the HUD you will see the yield and time to get that yield.  Time passes and your ore hold fills.  When full head back to the station, dock and talk to the agent and complete the mission.

Exploration (Cosmic Anomalies 1 of 5)–Star the conversation with the agent, accept the mission and undock.  You do not need any special fittings or such for this one.  Hit Alt-P to open the probe menu and look down the list for Anomaly Training Combat Site.  Don’t worry, you won’t be fighting.  On the same line, to the fight there is an arrow that will allow you to warp directly to the site, click it or rt click the line and choose warp to.  On arrival a popup explains a bit and then you will, on the overview find a small diagonally crossed square.  Select it then click Open Cargo in the selected items box.  You will fly to it, open it and Loot All in the window that opens to get the item you need the ‘Proof’.  Dock at the station, talk to the agent, complete the mission.

Business (Balancing the Books 1 of 10)– This one where reading carefully is needed.  You are doing a delivery.  To do that delivery you need to know where you are going and remember to put it in your hold before you go.  When you accept the mission the cargo will appear in your Item Hanger of the Station, alt c to open inventory, drag it from item to the ship name on the side..   If you are unsure?  Double check that it is in the ship before you undock.  Trust me, lots of players do this trip and either forget to take the item or even forget to accept the mission.  So destination set, item in the hold?  Undock.  Earlier I covered how to move but there is one last way I should mention.  Autopilot.  There is an A to the lower left of your HUD or you can click ctrl-S and the ship will fly to the destination without any more work on your part.  WAIT! Yes it works but there are a few downsides I think you should know.  It takes you to about 15km from the gate and slowboats the rest of the way.  This means it takes longer than manual flight.  It also means that anyone who is arriving 15km off and slowboating in may be inattentive or even away from the keyboard, letting the computer fly.  You are hanging a ‘gank me’ sign on yourself.  Slow and a tempting target.  On the plus side?  You get where you want to go while you go do other things like read some marvelous blog about Eve.  Either way get to the destination, dock.  Now start a conversation with your agent again, even though he is way back there and you are here.  That triggers the unlaod of the cargo and the completion of the mission.  Right click the agents home and set destination and then return to the career base.

Military (Cash flow for Capsuleers)–  This is a simple ‘go kill someone’ mission.  But before you head out I would like to talk a bit about weapons.  Each race has two specific weapon types and each weapon type has two sub classes, usually short and long range. It is about time you get rid of the civilian weapons and choose something to do some real damage with.  Example went with Rockets . . . just because.  Caldari are Missiles and Hybrids.  Amarr are Lasers and Drones.  Gallente are Hybrids and Drones.  Minmaters are duct tape and bubble gum.  I means Projectiles and Missiles.  So pick a system and do a bit of reading and find out what you need to train to use it.  You may need to buy a skill book and train for a few minutes to be able to use it but trust me, the difference in combat will be worth it.  There is a big difference between plink plink plink and killing the enemy with papercuts vs (with the rockets) shhhh boom, he’s gone, who is next.  Make sure you know the weapons range before you start firing and get to where they will have effect.  Optimal IS optimal.  One thing to remember, though.  Civilian weapons do not use ammo.  All others need something.  Lasers have crystals (that do not wear out or later wear out very slowly)  the rest are one shot uses one shot, simple eh?  Carry ammo in the ship.  I have seen folks in Rookie Chat astounded that the guns do not load from the hanger in the station.  I just wonder if they think bullets in the gun safe at home will let them shoot at the range.  Whatever.  Lock and load, undock, use either the mission description on the left or right click open space and go to the encounter site.  Boom boom booom.  Loot loot, dock and talk to the agent, end of mission.

Well?  That is the first four missions of the Career agents.

Two things

HUD stands for heads up display, for me it refers to the circle that shows shields, armor, hull and the buttons/controls that surround it.

In the interest of honestly I did autopilot to Jita and back making some purchases I will talk about in the next post.  I did not get ganked, I did go get a cup of coffee and put in a load of laundry.  In other words a bit of real life while the ship put putted to the next stop.

fly it like you won it


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