Example 1

For those of you who follow my blog?  This is a new thing helping new players.  Example will be in every title so you can identify them easily.

I will not bother with the character creation position of the start of the game except to tell you that you can cross-train and fly any race so the decision means less than you might think  It basically decides where you start and what beginning weapons you start with.  It all evens out in the long run.  What I will emphasize is name.  You choose it you are stuck with it, there are no name change certificates and I totally support that stand.  This is who you are, who you will be and what you will be called in crowded bars or on the streets of Las Vegas (Yes that has happened to me)  Before you go with some sly innuendo consider if you want to be called that on comms and known as that at eve meetups.


So you finalize the name hit accept and in you go . . . suddenly you are in space with a confusing display and a small chat box talking to you about how to do thing.  This is the pre-tutorial, called opportunities.  This post will run you through this small part of the start of the game.  Do it right and a lot of opportunities will be checked off and you will be up close to a quarter of a million isk (No that is not a lot but it is a good start)

Training-Always have your skill queue active.  Alt X to bring it up and drag some skills in, gunnery engineering, whatever.  Just be learning something while you go.  Me?  I would recommend drones up to III first and then whatever weapon system you have already started as part of your character.  If you are lost then The Magic 14 are boring skils that pay off in the long run as they help fit better ships further down the road.  Just don’t leave you queue empty.  There are no levels in this game, no exp grind.  To get better?  You skil up in the queue.

Looking-  Try sight and left click and drag, see what it does. Spin the view, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, if it does the opposite of what you expected you can go into the escape menu and invert such things to suit yourself.

Moving.  See those red shapes on the right hand side box called the Overview?  Click the closest one then hit Approach in the box above, you are now moving towards it.  If you click orbit you will move towards and then circle it.  If you want to move in some other direction you can double click in space and head wherever you please, just stay local for now.  Bottom of the HUD is a speed indicator, you can alter your speec there, full stop can also be achieved with ctrl-spacebar.

Shooting.  Ctrl left click OR select then click lock target on the Selected items box, Either works in space or on the Overview.  That locks the target IF you are close enough.  You have both a target lock range and a gun range.  I will cover gun range and damage another time.  For now?  Lock on and charge in shooting.  Hover over the weapon icon to the right of the hud and it will tell you optimum range, try to orbit at that range for best effect.  You can alter orbit default by right clicking the orbit icon on the selected items box.  Boom, he blew up, choose another and another and sweep the skies clear of red.  Now go back and select the wrecks and loot them (box icon in the selected items box).  Loot all the wrecks.

Mining.  On the overview are tabs, one is labelled mining.  If you click that tab the overview filters differently and you will see that some of the asteroids around are things like Veldspar.  That is something you can mine.  Orbit a rock, lock it, activate miner and sit back.  Mining is a low attention activity and demands patience as the mining cycles churn away and ore fills your hold.

By the time you are full?  It is time to head for a station and that is where THIS lesson stops.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Example 1

  1. mararinn says:

    And don’t worry about closing the window and losing opportunities forever.

    Opportunities are like lice. You can’t get rid of them. I still get pop-ups advising me that I have accomplished “looking around” and “double click in space to direct the vessel” opportunities for no other reason than I undocked.

    • mikeazariah says:

      “You have just accomplished the comment on Mikes Blog opportunity. (yes I know you have before but we reset the counter)


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