Taking Care of Your Own

She adjusted the comm so it was square with her desk edge before initiating the call.


“Mr Azariah I am calling to inform you that I will be restarting a hauling service.”

The man laughed.  “Desk job not to your liking?”

She looked at the desk before her, everything exactly in its place and smiled.  “I just feel that a further challenge is required.  I shall continue to ‘hold the reins’ of the group you have handed me but I know there is more that I could be doing.”

“Well it is a job, not a prison sentence.  Y’all do what you wants to and I will support you as need be.  I admit that the corp and alliance has been quiet for a spell.  Do y’all need a ship?”

She blinked.  “I have a Sigil and I am sure I can earn . . . ”

“Miss Talon.”  He was suddenly very serious and the accent dropped.  “I take care of my own.  You have been serving the corp and alliance for more than a year and asked nothing in return.  IF you need a ship you say something and it shall be provided.  In return I expect if there is hauling to be done for the Operation you will be amenable to providing logistics.  Buy what ship you need, you have access to my wallet for a reason.”

She blinked and nodded.



Corporations are supposed to take care of their own people.  Those that do not should say so up front or be left in a hurry.  Especially the people who do the day to day grunt work of running a corp.  I have nothing but admiration for them.

I am doing a small experiment in a hauling character to see what isk is made and standings changes for npc hauling and some regional trade.  Being Kaye?  Books will be kept in detail.

Just training a skill or two up to where I wants them as per the eve uni suggestions.

fly it like you won it

draw coming up soonish



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