OOC: Butterflies

RedBull Setheris > im so gonna die
Mike Azariah > and live again
RedBull Setheris > how?
Rodek Noggra > RedBull Setheris you’ll pop back into a clone when you die.
RedBull Setheris > i have no idea where i am going hahahaha
Mike Azariah > Learning how to play Eve is tough. We Know. Opportunities pop up and you think hey! Tutorial? Nope. The best places to learn: this chat, eve uni wiki, career agents, trial and a LOT of error. Good luck
RedBull Setheris > This game is so unfriendly ro new players!
RedBull Setheris > Okay, im at the station where i purchased my stock now what?
Sweetdevil Replacer > RedBull Setheris enjoy yourself, have fun, get used to the strange fealing never to die in here, and dont tell your children, they shoot zombies nowadays. ūüėÄ ūüėČ
RedBull Setheris > how do i get back to my mission system?
RedBull Setheris > How do i get back to my mission system? [yes he repeated himself 3x in the space of 3 or 4 minutes]
Mike Azariah > RedBull Setheris do you remember the name?
Mike Azariah > did you dock and leave stuff in the hanger?
RedBull Setheris > yes
Mike Azariah > RedBull Setheris alt t and see where your stuff is
RedBull Setheris > THIS GAME IS TOO MUCH!
RedBull Setheris > I feel this game would be better with friends
GingaMinge > RedBull Setheris once you get the basics down its quite enjoyable, but yes its a very steep learning curve
Rodek Noggra > RedBull Setheris once you get semi comfortable with the game, join a player corp
RedBull Setheris > home sweet home
RedBull Setheris > yeah cya guys never
Mike Azariah > RedBull Setheris bye
RedBull Setheris > this game is too much
Lady Cinesra > RedBull Setheris peace
MechaLynx > RedBull Setheris bye
Sally Mileghere > Helios
Mike Azariah > /emote chuckles
Mike Azariah > I find it ironic that someone named redbull cannot focus long enough on a complex game like eve
Sally Mileghere > Mike Azariah hehe
Steihl Lianul > Mike Azariah It’s not even really that complex. It’s a giant graphical spreadsheet. =p

Total time (since I removed the timestamps and five or six other conversations interspersed including russian and spanish) was about 12 minutes.  These are the butterflies of the game and most of them are quiet but we do see a few come and go noisily.

They see the pretty pictures and come to be lead along the story to tour the universe and be its saviors.  They ask where do they get their ship back after it is destroyed.  Are shocked that you need more than one round of ammo. per gun or that ammo is even a thing.  When the answers are not to their liking then they become part of CCP Ghosts % lost in the first two hours.  They flit in, are startled and fly off again to somewhere else, some other game.

I get it.  Eve is hard and I honestly think that the tutorial should reflect that and maybe some people are not cut out for this game, that is ok, as well.  But that brings me to the next bit of butterfly thoughts.  Butterfly play.


I have, over the years, been a mission runner, took part with SoCo in one of the wars that wasn’t a ‘Great One’ so I have lived in null. ¬†I spent months in a wormhole but the paranoiz did not suit me. ¬†I have been in incursions and done live events, rp’d and hit damn near any podcast that will have me. ¬†I flew with Red in RvB and with Spectre fleet, Bombers Bar, and Redemption road. Of course I do the Bus 4 or five days a week (takes about an hour a run). ¬†I am a butterfly player. ¬†I do not stay in one place nor describe myself as one thing or player style.

The nice thing is that Eve suits it. ¬†There is no funnel to an end game, no ‘path’ that I must follow if I want to win. ¬†So I am winning in what I do because I do what I want to do and can flit from flower to flower, chasing shiny things like the ‘old crow’ that I am.

I like that.

But the butterflies come in and only see one branch, one flower and never notice the rest of the magical garden that is New Eden (yes, I did that on purpose) so they proclaim ‘this game is too much‘ and off they go. ¬†They never realize that it IS too much and that is what makes it great. ¬†The size can be intimidating or it can be the mountain you can climb and never see all of it.

So I look at the image, above, and say to myself . . .

‘what flower next?’

fly it like you won it





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6 Responses to OOC: Butterflies

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    ..and at least he could speak your language and ask. Try to figure this game as it is in a foreign language…

    • urziel99 says:

      Usually if today is the case the isd or the vets in the channel can direct you to a language channel. Some are done by ccp, others are run by players.

  2. And yet so many 100s of thousands of us started similarly confused, many of us with less info available than today’s players haave, and managed to figure it out. EVE’s a giant multi-layered puzzle that really must be discovered bit by bit…sometimes by insight after sufficient exposure, sometimes through the help of others, sometimes by your own research. Yes it can be hard to unpack–unfortunately even for the most basic tasks–but that for many of us is part of its appeal. As skillpoint progression loses more and more of its “investment” meaning because of dailies and skill injectors, discovery of how things work is one of the few things left that has a real sense of achievement attached to it (at least for those of us with zero interest in the whole null sec sov game). It is unfortunate that EVE is not designed to be easily discovered.

    Perhaps CCP should consider small ways to acknowledge in-game discoveries (outside of Opportunities) through notifications or something during a new player’s first 60 or 90 days (and make it an option one can toggle off, for alts). “Hey, you figured out how to , great! Now you might consider !” This also leads me to wonder if certain actions in-game could be monitored on new players when those actions (like slowboating toward a gate for a really long time that is many AU away because the player hasn’t figured out how to warp–seen this a bunch of times) suggest they don’t know how to do some very basic thing (warp, dock, turn, leave ship, open Corp Bulletins, open the Calendar, change out a module). Could provide a reminder to review associated Opportunities, use the context menu, or point to a useful info source (something less vague than “Google it”). Since CCP has left it to players to document their game for them (esp. now with the demise of EVElopedia), that could be tricky, I realize.

    I really need to go through all the Opportunities on an alt and write up my thoughts about them. I assume CCP Ghost might be interested in such feedback?

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am running them again, right now, a little bit each day.


    • Catalina de Erauso says:

      It would be easier if EVE had a user manual for explaining the basic things like the meaning of things in the interface, how to perform actions (fit a module, set a buy order, warp to an object, et cetera) and such. Then that manual could be translated by the communities in unsupported languages.

      Anyway CCP is going in the opposite direction…

      • mikeazariah says:

        I agree, thing is finding the line of too much vs not enough. I once held the user manual for JUST one small aspect of Eve and it ran a few hundred pages, printed.


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