Not Having Lost by Not Having Tried

“Why do they call it shredding?” Mike asked himself as he continued to transfer or destroy the sensitive materials he had accumulated.  He glanced to see lights going out on one comm channel as fellow council members bid their farewells and left.

“So, election results are in and there was not a surprise appearance of your name in them.” Dee Carson called as he entered the outer office.

“In the back.”  Mike called back and closed open files and locked them.

“I don’t know if this is a celebratory moment or not.”  Dee set down a bottle and two glasses.  “But this is appropriate, either way.”

Mike grinned while Dee poured and silently they raised glasses.  As the empties were refilled Mike grinned.  “A bit of both, actually.  There were some folks I actually hoped would get on that didn’t but it is not all bad.”

“I would think that it looks pretty bleak from your point of view.  Who replaces YOU?”

“I am not so sure I need replacing as such.  The council is made up of 14 people.  If one or two of them are not closet carebears I will be very much surprised.  Oh they may talk the big fleet talk but somebody has to pay for the ships and I trust most politicians to think with their brains very near their wallets.”

Dee Laughed and poured another shot.  “Do you save those up for the right moment?”

“Professional secret.  No my concern is a bit about the lack of diversity in loyalties but there is nothing that can be done about that.  Not now, anyways.  But if I can get through to a few, over the next month then not everything will be darkness and despair.”

“I thought you were done with politics, now.”

“There is the transition time and even when I no longer have direct access I will be free to still talk.  Folks have found that I can be hard to shut up or shut down.  To quote a hero of mine . . .

Peoples Hernandez: You’re not a cop anymore.

John Shaft: Do you think that makes me less dangerous, or more dangerous?

So I may not be a politician but does not mean I will be walking away and ignoring things.  Too much invested in the process to do so.”

Dee smiled.  “Good.  So you didn’t lose?”

Mike swirled the drink and smiled into it.  “If I was not in the war, how could I lose it?  I am choosing my battles one at a time.  There are new fights to be fought and new things to do.”

“You do know that the Goons are saying the same thing, right now.”




Congratulations to all the winners of the CSM11 election and commiserations to those who are not in, yet.  Do not lose hope, some seats may open up (and I am betting it will not take more than a couple of months, if that)

I am serious about not being done.  Three years did not burn me out and I may even try again, someday for a seat but in the meantime I will still be active.  There is the transition time and I will get to see how the new CSM looks from the inside.  Then I will keep driving the Bus, still in the forums, still talking to people.

sho nuff




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4 Responses to Not Having Lost by Not Having Tried

  1. Mara Rinn says:

    Given Aryth encouraged the harassment of Crasskitty, I expect a seat will open up before the ink on the NDAs is dry.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I am hoping that you don’t get another chance to run. Not because of your performance on the CSM, but rather I hope this is the last CSM.

    • mikeazariah says:

      never change. I like you like this.

      and I appreciate the expansion on the thought so I know it is not an attack on me, personally


  3. Dee Carson says:

    I have another bottle, as required, sir! If you want to fly the MC flag, you’ll have my endorsement.

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