I was torn as to whether to open this with Aretha Franklin singing but this quote has been on my mind for a while.  I wrote a comment in reddit this morning that I wanted to expand upon, just a bit.  There are days where I should not be allowed to post at all as the Troll in me takes hold.  This morning was one of those times.

Respect.  I can win or lose a game and respect my opponent.  Hell I have sent congratulatory notes to people who pod me.  Eve is, for me, a hobby and a game.  At times I need to remind myself not to take it too seriously or else the troll steps into my skin and writes for me.  As such I have to give a measure of respect to that which the Goons have made.  They managed to form a huge organization with managers IT teams, HR programs, security and such.  They used both the velvet glove and the iron fist when dealing with others.  They made something bigger and better than anyone else had.

a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves Genesis 11

Say what you want about what they have become they did great things.  Thing is, then what?  They rested on their laurels.  They rode on their well earned reputation and peace came upon them.  Fear they had instilled in their enemies kept challenges at a distance.  They could buy, intimidate, diplomacy their way around any nascent threats before they became a true worry.

But nothing lasts forever.  It was a contest to see which would die first, Eve or the Goons.  While Eve has been reported as dying for a long time . . . it seems to be hanging on.  Goons, on the other hand, are in full back pedal mode.

Do I think this is the end of them?  No.  I do not think you can kill all of them or break them completely.  But we have proven that it bleeds.  That it is not so powerful that it cannot be knocked down.  Their time of rest is at an end.  They WERE great and you cannot take that from them.  They did huge things in the game and made big differences in many different facets of the game.  In the past I have heard Goons say, if you don’t like it?  Try and stop us, you will never be able to organize all the little groups to do it.

Turns out, that was the mistake.  Hubris in saying that the little groups would never be able to take them down and then continually mocking them.  So sure, in the absolute power of the position, that respect for the lesser beings was lost.  Oh, some might be allowed to ride on the coattails for a time, crash on the couch, but we always knew who owned the house, who wore the coat.  They made sure of that.  They created the beast that rose up against them.

I like a lot of players that are Goons.  I just don’t like the organization they belong to.  The casual racism and sexism even as a joke diminishes players among us.  The terms they use to refer to we ‘lesser beings’ grated.  I am not surprised that they were knocked down.  Huge towers have a way of that happening to them.  (I am referring to the biblical quote, not any more recent events) As individuals they are players of Eve, just like me.  But when en masse?

Mittani leads them.  So he repeatedly tells us.  He did not build the Goons to what they are but he has held the reins for a long time.  He does not want to lose.  Lose power, position, respect.  As such it is in his best interest to try to rally the troops and weather out the storm.  Hope that the alliance against the Goons will fall apart from internal pressures which there are probably many.  Deny the allies any success making each victory hollow, each cake but ash in the mouth. Keep the fires burning in the bellies so that they can bounce back and regain what they once had.  Like the second roman empire . . . oh wait.

Look, I love this game we play.  I like when wars and memes and things are HAPPENING.  But in all of it I still respect most of the players that I have met and interacted with.  Oh I am sure there are some out there not worth respecting.  Humans are like that.  I may go trollish from time to time and mock the people at the top . . . especially when they are making asses of themselves.


We are here just for a spell and then pass on. So get a few laughs and do the best you can. Live your life so that whenever you lose it, you are ahead. -W.Rogers

It does not hurt to show some respect for the other side.  They are giving you someone to play against.  And I am not saying they all deserve respect now and forever.  As I tell my students.

I will treat you as adults until you prove otherwise.  For some of you that will not take too long – me

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to OOC: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  1. Stabs says:

    In the end the respect we show our opponents may be the subtlest, most powerful weapon of them all.

  2. Rob says:

    “The casual racism and sexism even as a joke diminishes players among us.”
    You say that like goons are the only people doing it, or even the worst. They are neither. There are far worse groups out there for racism and sexism, not least of which TEST.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Oh I know that they are far from the only ones. I wish they WERE the only ones who use some of the terms they use but they are not. That does not, however, make them any less guilty of the actions.


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