OOC Tired thoughts

Was up very late last night flying with Mangala and an rvg/spectre ganked fleet.  Mainly Aus pilots with a few I knew, (Like Bam) and many I did not.  Good lowsec roam and my sec staus dropped a fair amount as a result.  But I have a few thoughts I want to toss out and not be limited by twitter characters counts.  (You do know that I am on twitter, right?  @mikeazariah)

  1. Legends return.  #WorldWarBee is bringing back people from the old days of Eve.  Ripard is has written two great pieces for Crossing Zebras.  Mangala is back leading roams. Names and faces long since gone are returning.  It is a good time to be playing.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToKcmnrE5oY I honestly think that the CFC are working hard to be the bad guys almost to the point of overselling it.  The name calling and wild accusations, the us and them.  Civilization vs the barbarian hordes.  They tried to rebrand themselves and what do they chose?  One of the most corrupt and bloody fictional scifi organizations . . . the Imperium from 40k.  Goons have alost become cartoon of themselves.  Mittens needs to grow a moustache he can twirl and get one of his old larping capes out.
  3. You can fight a war (in game) and still respect the other side.  I may be attacking goons but I get along fine with individual pilots (when we are not shooting each other)  There is no hate.  But that is the tool Mittens seems to be reaching for.
  4. Winning.  How will we know when the war is over and who won?  Who gets to decide that or is it for each to decide?  Is sov the marker?  I number of people in your coalition.  Or is not not over till all the people on the other side . . how did Mittens put it?

    A Hellwar is a solemn promise of vengeance, a grim vendetta that only stops with the destruction or abject submission of those who have betrayed us.

  5. For me the winning has been in the availability of fleets.  the chances to do something and see space alive again.  Last nights roam was not an operation for or against either side.  Just a bunch of blokes out shooting what they could.  Even as a logi, I got a few kills.
  6. When the FC is good (Like Mangala) it is amazing how well a fleet works.  If he asked for a pod to be held or a ship to be kept until all had some damage on it the ship did not pop.  Calm, fun, there was chatter but there was also good communiication when there needed to be.  If you get a chance?  Be in one of his fleets.
  7.   I really wish I could go to Fanfest this year and meet more players, face to face.  I AM hoping for Vegas in the fall.  Come on CCP, announce the time and dates.
  8.   Saw a rare event in Rookie Help Char, today.  Two GM’s AND Two ISD as well as the usual crew of vets.  Questions were being banged out of the park fast and well.  Over 2200 in the chat . . .a good sign.

well that is it, for now. I am gonna go have a coffee and go for a walk.

fly it like you won it.


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4 Responses to OOC Tired thoughts

  1. CCp announces the dates for Vegas during Fanfest. Usually in the closing ceremony. All part of the marketing hype.

  2. Jester says:

    Bah. If you come to Vegas, I might have to come to Vegas. I didn’t go last year because I wasn’t sure I’d have too many people to hang out with (p.much nobody from my alliance was going).

  3. Bleys says:

    I might have to come back for a bit.

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