The downside of War

Mike leaned back and told the boys of his day, a pod hovering behind him, no sign of a ship.

“The new day dawned and I had the ship chosen for the next fleet.  Even though I had lost two yesterday I though today would be better luck, bigger fleets.  Timers were due and folks seemed really hyped.  Dammit I should have looked at the calendar.

Form up took time as there was overwhelming support for the fleet.  I mean REALLY overwhelming support.  I was tired of being the slow man so I decided to fly a svipul and be one of the fast tackles.  Okay, that was my first mistake.

The main fleet filled swiftly, 250+ mainly Gilas and Basis and they said any other ships could spill over to the fast fleet forming.  So I dropped the first fleet (Douglas’s) and joined the second. (Dizzits)  The second was becoming a kitchen sink as the main fleet even ran out of room for Gilas.  So we were no longer the fast fleet, not by a long shot.  The main left and we spent time setting up, collecting folks, and waiting for the FC team to set our destination.

That is the part of the fleets most people do not talk about.  The waiting.  You pray they will wait for you if you are late but hate waiting for any other person to join you.  Finally we followed the Douglas fleet but they had cleared the path and any gate camps moved out of our way and then closed in behind us.  (much to the chagrin of stragglers).  It was a logn round about path that we took and the scouts got mostb of the little kills and we were left to follow behind.  This went on for a few hours and finally we wound up in VFK.  Surrounding nodes were being entosed but none of us had thought to fit one . . . a mistake I will not see again, I think.  We moved through the constrellation and that was one of the two places I actually had a chance to fire and get some kills.”

“But as you see,”  He pointed to the red lines at the top of the page.  I got separated from the fleet when they decided to take a longer way home and ran straight into a gate camp.  Didn’t make it through.”

“So it was a lot of flying and very little shooting?”  Scotty asked.

“Yup.  but sometimes that is what being in a fleet means.  Sometimes we also serve, those who only stand and wait.

thousands at his bidding speed,
And post o’er land and ocean without rest;
They also serve who only stand and wait –Milton

I lost some things and yet, I had a good time in fleet.  Flew with some people I knew and a lot that I did not.  Maybe the losses will be SRP’d and maybe they won”  Mike shrugged.  “Losses happen and I try not to let them happen but . . . ”

“Going to go out again?”

“Of course, if asked along how can I turn down an invite from friends?”  Mike grinned.  “Now what have I got in the hanger to limp back to the Bus route in?”



One of these days I will do a good after action report with all the kills and such but his was just a personal view.  I think Dizzit did a great job of keeping us moving and looking for things to engage.  For a lot of players this war is a new thing and there is, as usual, a learning curve to climb.

Pick a side, take part.

Oh, and fly it like you won it.


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  1. Easy Esky says:

    Hmm wondered about this when a load of “bounty” paid pinged. Does it topping? ( To the Veldspar!

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