It is pronounced He-La

Mike docked and slid down the ladder, chuckling.  So they didn’t get the fleet fight they were hoping for.  The still were out there.

It had started a day earlier with Jayne telling Mike that Spectre fleet was going on a roam and he was welcome and even invited to go along.  Basis and Gilas.  Mike looked at the fits and grinned.  “I can do that.”

His oly questions was . . .

“Oh, I hate asking this but . . . how much do you guys need basis?  I would prefer to be shooty but I am a damn good logi pilot.”

Jaynes answer was to the point.  “If you prefer to be shooty, be shooty”

The next morning Mike, of course, messed up his times while doing a Bus run and wound up a wee bit late but made it in time to be invited along and be with the fleet when they set out.  He searched the fleet list to see what squad he was in as they flew along and was frustrated at not seeing his name anywhere.  He was about to ask when it clicked.  He went back and looked again.  He was Wing II commander, Mangala was Wing III.  Mike grinned and promised himself not to get too lost as he often did when in fleets.

That promise lasted all of three minutes.  “Check links people.”  The FC called out.

Mike keyed the comms.  “Uh, I am a bit behind, gimme a minute.”  He looke dta his destination and realized that his route settings were still set for safest.  He was not with the fleet because he was taking the long way around.  Resetting the route settings he quickly caught up and made the promise . . . “Okay, I won’t get lost again.  (please don’t get lost)”  The last part was under his breath.

Systems came and went.  He almost got lost in one where his cap ran out midwarp but he kept up, otherwise.  They got an osprey on one gate as first blood but the timers, according to the scouts were earily quiet.  Though time ticked away and things changed hands the Goons were not coming out to dispute the losses.  They were followed by some navy slicers for a little while but that small gang decided that they would find better hunting elsewhere.

Gate sitting, wondering where a fleet might be found to fight they turned and headed into Deklein.  Also quiet, all the way to VFK where Mike delighted in posting in the Local  ‘Hisec sends its regards!’  Others posted art and taunted but nobody came out to play. (Soon after another hunting fleet came and entosed all the structures in VFK setting them on the road to turnover.)

Finally scouts spotted a caracal fleet and the stalking began.  The only problem was that the caracal fleet had more than one set of predators hunting them.  A bomber fleet had also picked up their trail and was moving in.  The bombers got there first.

That was pretty much the end of the fleet as they cleaned up the remnants of the caracals on the far side of the gate and then set back for Torrinos.  Only a few losses and some interesting news on the way made for an enjoyable trip, overall.



After action reports are fun I tried to take notes but I also did not want to get left behind. I only got in on one kill as the fleet was very effective at erasing things near it.

doesn’t matter.  I had fun

if you get a chance?  Joan a roam, take part.

fly it like you won it


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