OOC: Thank you

Most posts rattle around in my head for a while before I write them.  Some, never get written.  This one has been in my head longer than any of the others but I had to wait.  I was worried about how to write this and my mother told me . . .   Just say thank you.

Starting off, I am not leaving, I am not burnt out, this is not a farewell speech.  It is me thanking you, all of the Eve community for what you have given me these past three years, whether you know it or not.  You are still stuck with me.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer.  Bladder, initially.


Being Canadian that did not mean a HUGE financial burden but it did mean I had to stop working as the treatments started.  I actually was at the doctors doing paperwork to get a leave of absence on the day I was elected to CSM8.

Best thing that could have happened.  Eve, you guys, kept me sane.  Gave me a place to go when I was exhausted (and that is one of the things I have been, a lot).  Gave me something to focus on and took my mind off of what was happening in the rest of my life.  I told a few people but mainly kept it quiet because I never wanted it to be an excuse or part of the game politics.  I told CCP and CSM members and they all were supportive and understanding.  So were the rest of you, you just didn’t know it.

I won’t bore you with tales of treatments or the second ‘shadows on the x-rays’ which is a term you learn to fear.  Some time, if we are out for beers and you really want to know I will tell stories that will make you cringe, laugh, and feel glad that you are healthier than I am.

No, this is me, saying thanks.  To people who play with me, yell at me, laugh and argue with me.  Who let me hotdrop podcasts or take over conversations.  Who voted for me and even the ones who didn’t.  You all helped me far more than you will ever know.

So why do I post this now?  Well last week I had another checkup and the doc says I am close to done all the treatments (One more set in March).  I won.

gotta savour that

I won, with your help.  Your support was there when I needed it.  I beat Cancer.  Oh, it may come back but I won.

so I am taking my mothers advice

Thank you, one and all.





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32 Responses to OOC: Thank you

  1. kkodachi says:

    Congrats Mike, you are an inspiration.

  2. Mabrick says:

    Awesome news. Sure does make you look at life differently though doesn’t it? Live like you earned it – because you did.

  3. Dermeisen says:

    To the stranger I’ve admired ever since I first heard him breaking into CSM – on lost In Eve or some show like that – he took his own sweet time with that, anyway he really is the man, the dude, the kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline baby, Hey Mike you’re most welcome, the pleasure was ours,(not exclusively I know) but certainly a good portion of it was mine.

  4. Jeff Kione says:

    Congratulations on the great news.

  5. dianaolympos says:

    You were an inspiration in me running. And one of the Pilot i respected deeply.

    Thank you for all you did. And I hope a lot of people on the community will understand what we can bring to people that need help 🙂

  6. I appreciate all you’ve done for me, despite your own burdens. All the podcasts have kept me company while I drive, garden and build things. thanks for many years of company.

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  8. Jezaja says:

    Good News!

    Fly safe!

  9. Easy Esky says:

    Totally understand. I once had a “lot of tubes” keeping me alive over a week. Could not sleep. So I mined at 2am using a Asus 1000HA and a thumb trackball. Not so much as a sedative, more of an anesthetic. Keeping sane.

    Congrats Mike.

  10. Jester says:

    Woot! Congrats, Mike! ❤

  11. RandomMcNally says:

    Awesome news, Mike!

  12. evehermit says:

    Great news I didn’t know I was waiting for, but was very pleased to hear. I remarked only recently how EVE can serve more of a purpose than just a game. Good luck as you finish up your treatments and adjust to the other side.

  13. Rob Kaichin says:

    You had me going with the “No, this is me, saying thanks. […]So why do I post this now? ” section.

    .me shakes his fist.

    ❤ Good luck, Well done, We'll always be here <3.

  14. Astro says:

    Damm, that was unexpected. Awesome to hear things are looking up, and thank YOU for your terms, I am glad I trusted you.

    See you in space.

  15. Dorian Reu says:

    Congrats on your awesome news. I almost shit when I read this, but I think I understand.

    You’re a unicorn running amok in the wild. You are the last dodo. You’re a honest politician… And you would never want a sympathy vote. I get that much, at least.

    And with that, I thank you. You care more about this game than most players will ever understand. You fight for what you feel is right and against what you feel is wrong. No one could ever ask for more of a man, let alone an Internet space politician.

    So, from this old SMSgt… o7, Sir. Congrats, again, and I look forward to many more one liners, wordplay and just funny stories…

    Le Moo

  16. Congrats, Mike. That is great news. Hugs! Are you going to EVE Vegas this year?

  17. ToAlReb says:

    Awesome news Mike. Unfortunately both my parents have gone through dealing with bladder cancer. My dad is having surgery in 2 weeks to remove his bladder. My mom ended up losing.
    While I tend to play skill que online with my eve time, I look forward to hearing you on podcasts, and your thoughtful views and commentary. You make the Eve meta a better place!
    Congratulations! And maybe I’ll meet you in space#

  18. nshhkdvr says:

  19. That’s terrible, and that’s great, in that order. Please keep it in that order.
    I hope we have many many more years of you being around to be just the man you are.

  20. Helena Khan says:

    Well, damn.! I did have a suspicion just based on some previous posts from you, but no idea of the extent. Very glad you’ve come through it, if perhaps not quite in one piece, but happy and healthy. Remind me never to play poker with you 🙂

  21. kurbanis says:

    Congrats Mike! You’ve always been a sane voice in a see of toxicity and I’m glad to see you’re sticking around 🙂

  22. urziel99 says:

    Great news Mike, hopefully I’ll be able to actually go to vegas this year to celebrate with you.

  23. Dersen Lowery says:

    Excellent news! Thank you, Mike, for three years in the trenches. Enjoy your victory! It’s well-earned.

  24. Gevlin says:

    That is a tear maker. Congratulations on the win. I have noticed you from afar as you have been one of my favorite eve personalities, I hope to continue to run across your presents over coming years.

    Now back to the shadows I go….

    • mikeazariah says:

      Not supposed to be a tear maker. Hell I am celebrating. When I finish the last set of treatments it will be even more so.


  25. Xavier Saskuatch says:

    As a long time Eve player from 2004 and probably a Mike Azariah lurker for a while just want to say thanks for all your hard work over the years in keeping the CSM sane and some CCP focus on new players.

    Its good to hear this is a hard fight won story.

    See you in space.

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