All Over Again

“Ya evah wonder . . .you know dreamed . . . iffen you could do it all over again would you do the same tings?”  Mike swirled his drink in the glass and looked across the room to Tanta.

“What are you on about, boy?  Of course I have, everyone has at one point or another.  With you took chance when offered, tried to kiss rather than back away.  We is people full o regrets of roads not taken.”  She stared into the fireplace and smiled.  “Each temptation passed by is a regret.  Each chance we had to say ‘I loves ya’ before someone died.  Lot’s I wish I could go back and fix.  What brings this up?”

“Oh, I heard they has found a way to ‘reset’ the Dusties skills.  I always wonder what would happen if they came to me with the same offer.  Would I be the same iffen I could unlearn and learn again.”

Tanta nodded and there was a long pause.  “You wouldn’t would you?”

“No, I do not believe that I would.  I am who I am, warts and mistakes and missteps and all.  I do not regret what I have learned nor do I wish to change the past because then I would not be who I am, now.  I understand that some folks would leap at the chance to rectify one ting or another but for me?  No.”  He looked into the glass again and whispered, “no”

“The pains and the rough time helped make our edges, give us the strength to fight on.  People tried raising kids in ‘safe’ ways and you know what happened?  They was weak, sickly little tings, all allergies and sensitive to the point that they expected everyone else to warn them about triggers lest they gets their feelings hurt.  Ya gots to let the scrapes and bruises happen or they start expecting the world to be right all the time, for the ‘reset’ button to fix anyting and never have to answer for their own damn fool mistakes.  You don’t want to fix the past, you wants to learn from it.  Speakin o which.  I loves ya, boy.”

Mike grinned back.  “Loves you, too, Tanta.”



OK, y’all can tinfoil if you want but this was about something in Dust that made me think about what would happen if it was brought to Eve.  Would you buy a ‘skill tree reset’?  I have seen it in lots of games but never before thought of it in application to ‘my’ game.

The discussion that triggered it was a neocom podcast.  Skill Points is a very touchy subject in Eve.

Would you?  If they offered a total skill remap (not attributes I mean erase all the skills, give you the points, rewrite your character)  Would you remap a character?  To what?  Why?

Questions this I like to ponder on my walks.  (Unless I am runner 5)

Oh, for putting up with my writing I am having a seasonal draw.  Comment on this or the last or the next post and you are entered.  This will be out of my own pocket, not Operation Magic School Bus funds . . . I have to decide a ‘good thing’ to award but I will announce it in the next post after I see how my wallet is.

fly it like you won it


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8 Responses to All Over Again

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Well said, my friend. I agree wholeheartedly.

    And don’t enter me in anything, I just wanted to let you know I agreed.

  2. Mara Rinn says:

    I’d prefer to see skills just gone. They don’t meaningfully add to the game in any way other than reminding you that you haven’t been subscribed long enough. There are folks who disagree with me, they’re mostly in the camps of, “I need the illusion of progress to make it worth playing the game,” or “all RPGs have XP gain, and EVE is an RPG, so EVE needs XP gain.”

    So don’t reset the skills, just remove them.

  3. I will take it in a heartbeat.

    CCP is wringing the changes, creating a sort of discontinuity that makes whole groups of training obsolete – or at least unattractive to me.

    Had I known then what I know now, I would not have trained ANY capital skills. Wrote a little bit about that here ( .

    Same holds for my link alt. Dastardly tactic yes, but in my case it was a defensive one – I could not remain competitive when everybody else was doing it… hence became part of the problem. If off grid boosting never existed I would not have wasted the time training these skills. As it was it was a grudge training set. I’d like that time back now thank you very much.

    I can see the same reasoning if you were a dedicated logi pilot.

    When changing the rules underneath us when it underpins so much of what is us, it should not be a surprise of some of us would like to change accordingly.

  4. Personally I say keep the skills and leave the reset out of EVE. Quite simply, they can serve as a reminder that all actions have consequences. If you find yourself training something on a whim it serves as a reminder that we are not victims of anything beyond our poor decision making. In a sense, they are a silent accountability that we all must face. Our own personal demons if you will.

    • Artuc Archaise says:

      Exactly this.

      With most things in Eve your actions have consequences, 1 mistake and you can have huge losses.

      Why should skill points be any different. Once you commit that’s it.

  5. Artuc Archaise says:

    There has to be a point where you are committing to something and your choices have some sort of meaning.

    You spent time training something you don’t want now ? Too bad, why feel so entitled that you can just remap bad choices away.

    For a game where a slight slip up or mistake can cost you massively it’s odd that the same attitude doesn’t carry over to skill points.

    You undocked it, you’ve lost it.

    You trained it now you’re stuck with it.

  6. I still think that skills form a good hook for new players; building character power is an addictive mechanic that keeps people coming back. I’d rather see EVE use skills is more/different ways than just start chucking things in the wastebin. I’d like to keep the skill system.

    Character remaps would be interesting, but I’m neutral. Would not likely be something I’d partake in, despite having learned Astrogeology V.

  7. Brad S says:

    I don’t think a reset would be much value to my main. While my route was a bit confused, my character sheet is in a good place. I don’t actually regret much of my current skillset. Perhaps more PvP-centric skills, but then all my time missioning taught me some things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I would however, like to take 30 days of skillpoints from an alt and apply it better.

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