OOC In Vino Veratis

Disclaimer, I am home from the pub crawl and still Drunk. Any spelling errors I blame on autocorrect.

First? Snapshot memories,  Guard, pole dancing on the bus.  Greygall helping herd folks out of one bar and into the next.   Going into the wrong  bar. Saving one token as a souvenir. Sad that we neither peddled a cab nor made it into Fremont Street proper but just drank on the edge of it.  One bar showing ‘Faster Puzsycat Kill, Kill.’  on multiple screens. Talking to so many folks that I am totally hoarse right now.

Downside ; Oddest thing about Eve is that most people that come to Eve Vegas or Fanfest belong.  An alliance, Corp, something. Me? Not so much.  I have the CSM but I feel isolated, apart from the groups that forms.  As it should be.  I  do my own thing and this is part of the price. Not belonging to a group means that you have no place to call home. You are on the edge of groups.

. Sorry, I get melancholy when in my cups.   I actually am having a good time.  Lots of people greeting me and so many stories to hear and tell. If you get the chance, attend a player event, especially one like Fanfest or Eve Vegas. I look forward to meeting you and having a drink or three.

Fly it like you won it,


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5 Responses to OOC In Vino Veratis

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    The Latin phrase you were looking for is “in vino veritas”. 😉

  2. Dorian Reu says:

    Should have found Mynxee, Signaleers always like a good chat in local. Plus… Free hugs!

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